colin kaepernick tweeting about his grind published last month that, san francisco 49er quarterback colin kaepernick has been working with former nfl mvp kurt warner in an effort to polish his technique and fundamentals on the field and add to his ability to read defenses and study film.

warner & kaepernick (

the week before the super bowl kaep tweeted…..

grind in this context means work hard. some of the responses to this tweet sarcastically noted that when kaepernick’s more than 700,000 followers on twitter saw his comment accompanied by a pic from instagram where he has more than a million followers, he wasn’t grinding in silence anymore.

yesterday, colin had this to say about his daily grind

a 49ers fan responded to the above tweet by telling #7 to study film (which is included as one of his activities), and as reports, the fan’s tweet…

prompt[ed] kaepernick to let loose with a volley of tweets

…which included telling the tweeter to read the original tweet again, mind his own business and get better at life.

fun english practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

prompt as an adjective means on time, but as an action it’s the same as cause or the phrasal verb lead to. let loose means release, let go or as described it, lash out. mind your own business is a standard way to tell someone their opinions are unwanted. get better means improve.

what do u think? is it a good idea to tweet advice to celebrities or public figures? share your opinion under leave a reply




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