maroon 5 not loved at super bowl liii

after super bowl liii, cbs los ángeles reported that many fans found maroon 5‘s halftime show to be (boring, lame). apparently it wasn’t enough for fans that they played she will be loved.

shirtless, singing adam levine

adam levine was roasted for this look (just jared)

lead singer adam levine was

roasted for going shirtless during the show – drawing comparisons to the infamous janet jackson super bowl performance.

roast means criticize. shirtless, like other words that end with means without a shirt. in this context means attract, generate. the correct pronunciation of infamous is a little tricky. . janet jackson‘s nipple was exposed during the halftime show of super bowl xxxviii.

rappers travis scott and big boi joined maroon 5 on stage during the performance. nba superstar tweeted his disappointment about how short scott’s appearance was.

lebron’s use of in…

this halftime show though

…is very common on social media to emphasize a topic or draw attention to a detail.

if u weren’t paying close attention, u might have missed spongebob’s brief appearance at super bowl liii

other fans were angry about the brevity (shortness) of the tribute to sponge bob creator stephen hillenburg, who died a few weeks ago.

only a 15-second cartoon clip was teased before transitioning into travis scott’s song “sicko mode.”

was teased is (the sponge bob clip is receiving the action. tease is the action). tease in fact means it was a short video. a is used for promotion, frequently for movies, and should leave the audience wanting more. fans were frustrated sponge bob’s participation in the halftime show was only a .

colin kaepernick protesting during the 2016 nfl season

colin kaepernick (middle) protesting police brutality during the 2016 nfl season (kirby lee-usa today sports)

and before the game even started, maroon 5 was criticized for accepting the gig (job )in the first place

levine had taken considerable heat for even agreeing to perform at the big game, with other artists saying they were boycotting the game over the nfl’s own purported boycott of quarterback colin kaepernick. according to cbs news, both cardi b and rihanna turned down opportunities to perform.

had taken is . it refers to the period between when maroon 5 agreed to play the halftime show and super bowl sunday. heat is the noun equivalent for the adjective hot. take heat means pressure or criticism. boycott is refuse to do business with. purported is alleged, not necessarily true. turn down means reject, the opposite of accept. it can also mean lower the volume, like this dj snake/lil jon track that u definitely know…

in response to the heat maroon 5 took for playing the super bowl halftime, maroon 5, their label interscope records and the nfl announced a $500,000 donation to the boys and girls club of america. and after the show, adam levine posted a list of inspirational vocabulary words on instagram as a kind of justification/thank u to fans…

you’ve got to give him points for being unique

is the same as you have to. give points means recognize, evaluate in a positive way. unique is original, different.

adam levine shirtless in front of fire

is shirtless a unique look for performers? (al bello/getty images)

are u a fan of maroon 5? did u see them play at halftime of super bowl liii? what did u think? share your opinion under leave a reply


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