toluca lyric 4: she will be loved

the most recent addition to the richyrocks youtube channel is toluca lyric 4, an analysis of the lyrics of maroon 5‘s popular song she will be loved.

maroon 5 she will be loved

as the video explains, she will be loved is an excellent example of passive voice, future passive voice to be precise. like most english courses, the video contrasts passive voice (a subject receiving an action) with active voice (a subject doing an action).

fun elt practice richyrocks english on youtube

the song is about a woman who will receive love. who will love her? not mentioned. an active voice example of the song title can be made: somebody will love her.

maroon 5 performing she will be loved at super bowl liii

maroon 5 DID perform she will be loved at super bowl liii!!!

the comparison with active voice in the video is via the question will they play this song? (at the super bowl)? the passive voice equivalent of this question is will this song be played at the super bowl?

pay attention from :15 to :55 for the discussion of passive voice in she will be loved. make sure to hit CC on the player for subtitles in english or spanish.

here are some other observations to help make the video more useful for u 

  • at :35, super bowl xliii (53) is described as on the horizon which means coming soon, ready to happen.

a sunset on the horizon

a sunset on the horizon (wikipedia)
  • an examination of the chorus starts at :55.  listen for the lines

i don’t mind spending every day

out on your corner in the pouring rain

don’t mind means it’s no problem. spend is most often associated with money, but it is also frequently used to refer to passing time. pouring rain is heavy rain. additionally, the expression when it rains it pours means that frequently many bad things happen together at the same time. the phrase is used effectively in the chorus of albert hammond‘s song about not having success in l.a., it never rains in southern california

it never rains in california, but girl don’t they warn u, it pours. man, it pours.

  • there is a graphic in toluca lyric 4 at 1:07 that says “i used to think…”. used to + verb in simple form refers to an action in the past that no longer happens. in this instance, before examining the lyrics of she will be loved for toluca lyric 4, i didn’t understand the lyric out on your corner which gives the idea that the song might be about a prostitute   

at 1:35 a list of synonyms for prostitute is presented that includes whore, hooker, street walker, sex worker, and lady of the evening. in the movie east of eden, an intense scene has james dean forcing his twin brother to say hello to his mother, who is a lady of the evening.

pressure from working as a hooker might have led to (caused) the broken smile in the she will be loved lyrics mentioned in toluca lyric 4 at 1:50. broken is an adjective in the phrase broken smile. it means damaged, sad. broken smile is the title of this song  by lil peep

  • tag questions are phrases that are turned into (converted to) questions by including an auxiliary verb and a personal pronoun. there aren’t actually (in fact) any tag questions in she will be loved, but at 2:25 in toluca lyric 4 u can hear the tag question that can be made from the maroon 5 title: she will be loved, won’t she? because she will be loved is an affirmative statement, the tag (won’t she?) is negative.

she will be loved tag question

  • the usage of pronouns is important in the interpretation of the first verse of the song. he was always there to help her, the third line of the verse, gives the idea that the song is about another person, but two lines later u can hear

i drove for miles and miles and wound up at your door

the change mid-verse from he to i seems to reveal that the lyrics are biographical; about the singer. drove is the irregular past tense of drive. wind up, similar to end up, is a difficult phrasal verb to use correctly. it is similar to end or finish, but represents an end to a process or possibly a surprise ending.

rihanna putting on a crown

rihanna and cardi b turned down the halftime show, so the nfl wound up getting maroon 5.

the comments at 2:50 that the driving was random and aimless means that it was without a specific destination. chuck berry‘s song no particular place to go seems to be a song about driving aimlessly but the lyrics demonstrate that the aim (objective, gotal) is alone time with a special lady  

between the “he” line and the “i” line of she will be loved is this line

she always belonged to someone else

it means that the subject of the lyrics (she) always had another boyfriend or romantic interest. belong frequently refers to property.

and the final line of the first verse uses present perfect (auxiliary have + past participle) to observe 

i’ve had u so many times

have in this phrase indicates sexual activity while so many times indicates a high level.

compromise is not compromis in spanish from toluca lyric 4

the most important lesson from toluca lyric 4
  • analysis of the second verse starts at 3:07 and includes the real reason for picking this song to analyze for toluca lyric 4: the spanglish confusion between compromise and commitment. compromise in she will be loved means finding common ground, understanding. it is NOT the same as compromiso in spanish. compromiso translates to commitment in english–a serious promise.

in the song, the rhyme with compromise is rainbows and butterflies which is a metaphor for idealized, cheesy (too sentimental, fake) love.

a butterfly under a rainbow (
  • toluca lyric 4 ends with analysis of the she will be loved video. listen at 4:20 for

i kinda got this wild theory

kinda is a reduction of kind of. it is used to diminish the intensity of an idea. i got is a reduction of i’ve got, the alternative structure  for the verb have. 

the wild theory is that the mother and the daughter in the video are actually the same woman…

what do u think? could the ma and the daughter be the same person? do u have any other questions about vocabulary used in she will be loved or toluca lyric 4?  post under leave a reply





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  1. Richi, you rule! adore reading your comments on songs lyrics – will never forget our online class with you on “Empire State of Mind’-!! Nadia (Russia)

    1. thx Nadia. i’m glad u liked it.
      more soon. if there is a particular song u would like to see/hear analyzed, please post it here or anywhere on my social media

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