things mick jagger & u2 have learned

one application of the present perfect structure (auxiliary verb have + past participle of a verb) is to talk about experience.  these two top ten lists from the late show with david letterman are outstanding examples.

top ten things i, mick jagger, have learned after 50 years in rock and roll

my favorites from mick’s list are #10, #7 & #1, which includes the phrasal verb start out. how is it different from just start?  it’s not much different.

the rolling stones & u2 when they were starting out 

it would’t really change the idea in mick’s joke if start were substituted for start out, but start out more strongly indicates the very beginning of something.

top ten things u2 has learned over the years

overall, i think this list is funnier. both of larry’s jokes are great, edge’s slam (joke, criticism) on sting at #5 even gets praise (approval) from dave and #2 has a great example of the word phony (fake).

fun english practice  🙂 richyrocks english on youtube

which list do u think is funnier? are any of the jokes confusing?  share your opinion under leave a reply




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