politics & politicians in a political song

english students who speak spanish as their first language frequently confuse the words politician (person), politics (activity) and political (a description of something involving politics).

ronald reagan before politics      presidential politics during the reagan administration
reagan’s two most famous roles (getty)

the lyrics to the ramones song bonzo goes to bitburg have a political theme.  the song was inspired by u.s. president ronald reagan‘s 1985 visit to a german war cemetery in bitburg, germany where a percentage of the buried soldiers were nazis.

at :37, the lyrics mock reagan by urging him to surrender to the police (turn himself in) and to reject another politicianadolph hitler

better call, call the law. when u gonna turn yourself in?  yeah. you’re a politician. don’t become one of hitler’s children

the name bonzo in the title is a slam (criticismon reagan’s hollywood acting career. in his most famous role he starred opposite a monkey named bonzo. better is used as a modal auxiliary verb here to make a sarcastic recommendation to president reagan.

fun english practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

at 3:00 the last verse of the song frowns on (has a negative feeling about) playing politics

if there’s one thing that makes me sick
it’s when someone tries to hide behind politics

bonzo goes to bitburg was featured in the popular movie school of rock.

does bonzo goes to bitburg clarify the difference between political, politician & politics? post any doubts under leave a reply


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