wardrobe malfunction: justin timberlake at the super bowl

justin timberlake‘s show at halftime of super bowl 52 presented an obvious opportunity to talk about the wardrobe malfunction that happened when timberlake performed at the halftime of super bowl 38. it’s the subject of this video from the richyrocks youtube channel.

the video explains at :32 that during the super bowl 38 super bowl, timberlake was

performing with janet jackson and he was singing the lyric “gonna have u naked by the end of this song”. then he pulled on what janet jackson was wearing…he didn’t have her naked by the end of the song. she just had part of her booby hanging out.

have u naked implies that the song rock your body will either encourage ladies to take their clothes off or let justin take them off before it ends. wear is the correct verb to use when talking about clothes, NOT use. use is spanglish based on the spanish verb usar. hang out means janet’s booby was visible, not covered. there are several examples of breast vocabulary used throughout this video. in addition to booby, listen for titty, boob, nipple and areola.

diagram of a niplle and an areola

the nipple and the areola are important parts of the titty.

in an effort to respond to the public backlash (negative reaction–in the vid at 1:21), the phrase wardrobe malfunction was coined (created–in the vid at 1:23) to give the idea that there was an innocent, unintentional fail related to clothing. at 2:50 on the video, the observation is that…

nobody ever heard of wardrobe malfunction before super bowl 38. they had to make it up to apologize to a shocked populace who just were not ready for the sexuality of a boob pulled out of a bodice.

make up means create, invent. apologize is express regret, say your sorry. populace is another word for population. the final syllable of populace is the schwa (shwuh–ə). the final syllable of bodice is also a schwa sound. a bodice is a sexy girdle or the part of a dress that covers the chest.

justin timberlake, janet jackson and her nipple

janet’s titty hanging out of her bodice at super bowl 38; her areola was actually mostly covered, but her nipple was kinda visible.

right has a few possible applications including a guarantee of freedom or privilege (like human rights), the opposite of left (like right hand or right foot), or confirming information at the end of a statement, like a generic tag question. it’s used that way at :15 in the video:

everybody loves watching the patriots on super bowl sunday, right?

get is a word with an even more impressive number of applications than right. one of its more common uses is to indicate a process or transformation. it is used like that in the video (at :49 and again at :55) to note that while the populace loved a song about getting a girl naked, they got angry when justin and janet acted it out (performed, represented–at 1:04 in the video).

tom brady & bill belichick

brady and belichick are 1-1 when justin timberlake plays at the super bowl (ap photo/charles krupa)

a gig is a job; it was originally used by musicians. at 1:00 the video mentions justin timberlake’s gig playing the halftime show at the super bowl.

cool efl practice :) richyrocks on youtube

at 2:15, there is commentary about the impact of the wardrobe malfunction, including (sarcastically) how it damaged the millennial generation

a generation of americans were scarred that afternoon. janet jackson’s nipple, though not fully exposed, was easily ascertained by a generation that would never be the same again. never again would they witness something so scandalous, so appalling, as the curvaceous black titty of sex symbol and pop star janet jackson. janet jackson’s pop career would come crumbling down; never to be revived.

scarred means permanently damaged. the nipple is the part of the booby that projects, where the milk comes out of a lactating mommy. though is to present contrary information, similar to but. ascertain means deduce, understand. witness means see. curvaceous means curvy in a sexy way. appalling is terrible, disgraceful. a sex symbol is a celebrity who is sexy. crumble down means collapse, fall apart.

witness movie poster featuring sex symbol harrison ford

in 1985 when this movie about an amish boy who witnesses a murder in philadelphia was released, harrison ford was definitely considered a sex symbol.

and the public’s reaction is addressed at 3:05

they went bitching in droves to the fcc about the beautiful breast that had been exposed at halftime of super bowl 38.

bitch, the verb, means complain. in droves means in large quantities. the fcc (federal communications commission) is a government agency that regulates communication in the united staes. had been exposed is past perfect (auxiliary had + past participle) and passive voice (auxiliary be + past participle). the explanation refers to both the moment when people complained and the moment when janet’s boob was exposed (past perfect) and justin’s participation is not included (passive voice).

droves of people waiting to buy an iphone

droves of people always turn out when a new iphone is released.

justin timberlake did not perform his novelty (comedy) song dick in a box at super bowl 52 but the end of the video speculates about that possibility as well as another potential wardrobe malfunction involving timberlake’s penis. the use of fateful at 4:05 means having a negative impact on future events. gaze upon at 4:15 means look at.

justin timberlake and andy samberg with their dicks in boxes from the video for the song

dick in a box seemed like a perfect opportunity for timberlake to stage another “wardrobe malfunction”, but he didn’t play it at super bowl 52.

were there any other words or phrases in the video that u would like to see analyzed more closely? did u see either justin timberlake performance at the super bowl? what did u think? share your thoughts under leave a reply


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