has-beens: homer, bieber, bojack & more

in the simspons episode waiting for duffman (s26 e17) homer spends a short stint (period) as duffman, the spokesman/mascot for duff beer. near the end of the episode, he accepts that his moment of glory has passed, and that he is a has-been (past his prime or no longer good at or recognized for what he used to be good at)

justin bieber‘s used the same word at the end of his comedy central roast in this joke that slammed the celebrities who roasted him as has-beens.

what do u get when u give a teenager $200 million?

a bunch of has-beens calling u a lesbian for 2 hours.

more than one roaster joked that bieber is a lesbian.

speaking of lesbians, if u like to practice english watching netflix, u have definitely come across orange is the new black, the series that details the activities and histories of a varied group of women in a prison.

taylor schilling plays piper chapman on orange is the new black.

it is a well written show with a unique (original) cast of characters, but given the prison environment, the stories are not always nice and the english used is informal and offensive to some tv viewers. other critics say the characters are not original.

this article about people who don’t like the show says the main character piper is a hasbian, a slang word that combines has-been and lesbian.  it means someone who was a lesbian but left it behind to become heterosexual.

piper and alex has-beens
hasbian, lesbian or something else?

in the final episode of season 3 of house of cards, francis (kevin spacey) warns his wife claire (robin wright) that if they lose the upcoming election, they will be has-beens.

francis & claire arguing--house of cards--has-beens
both kevin spacey and francis underwood, his character on house of cards, are has-beens.

another netflix series, bojack horseman, contains an excellent example as well.

bo-jack and todd has-beens
has-been horse

this daily beast review calls the title character a hollywood has-been and a washed-up former (not anymore) tv star.

has-been is an apt (correct, appropriate) description of bojack as he is famous for a tv comedy series he starred in that hasn’t been in production since 1996. washed-up, similar to has-been, describes someone whose talent has severely decreased or disappeared.

fun english practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

finally, despite the the financial success of major league soccer it still has the reputation of being a has-been league.

carlos vela of lafc
is carlos vela washed up? or will he change the image of major league soccer? (carlos-vela.tumblr.com)

many aging (kind of old, getting older) football superstars have received hefty contracts to finish their careers in the u.s. football league.

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