grinding at the grind house in grind city

grind is a word that has risen to the height of fashion over the past few years, in particular in reference to professional sports.

witness this commercial for new era caps where san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick advises his compettion (and in fact all of us)

while you’re sleeping, i’m up grinding.

in this context the idea is working hard, doing the dirty work or something hard, doing what other people don’t want to do.

unfortunately for kaepernick, his team didn’t make the playoffs at the end of last season, but he is looking to change that next season by doing some extra offseason grinding.

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the memphis grizzlies, one of the top teams in the nba this season, are the franchise most responsible for popularizing a grind attitude.

  memphis we grind here t-shirt
proud of grinding (

fedex forum where the grizzlies play their home games is known as the grind house and the popularity of the concept has even led to memphis being known as grind city.

Memphis Grizzlies Media Day
three icons of the memphis grind: (left to right) marc gasol, mike conley & zach randolph (

in this video, the grizzlies style of play is described as grit & grind, i.e. defined by the physical post play of marc gasol and zach randolph and aggressive defense. as gasol says:

we’re gonna fight. we’re gonna come at u and take it from u.

tony allen, referred to as the grindfather at the beginning of the above vid, personifies this approach maybe more than any other memphis grizzly.

tony allen (aka the grindfather) might grind the hardest of all the grizzlies. (

can u think of another team in any sport that grinds harder than the memphis grizzlies? or a player who grinds more than colin kaepernick?  post your comments under leave a reply




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