inch by inch & pound for pound

this recent vid from my youtube channel contains three expressions based on two non-metric system measurements: the inch (distance) and the pound (weight).

al pacino‘s pep talk (speech or conversation to motivate people) in the movie any given sunday is a great scene to watch to get pumped up (excited) and to practice english. it contains various uses of inch (about 2.5 cm), including the expressions the six inches in front of your face & inch by inch.

pacino's pep talk in 'any given sunday'. inch by inch.
an excerpt from pacino’s pep talk

pacino uses the word either to present the team with two possibilities: either heal (get better) or crumble (weakly fall apart) slowly, on each play, inch by inch (one inch at a time).

fun elt practice  richyrocks english on youtube

pound (.45 kilos) is the other measurement discussed the video. rapper snoop dogg posted a picture of himself with a pound of weed that he won on a bet on floyd mayweather‘s fight with saul ‘canelo’ alvarez and his post with the photo made the connection between the pound of marijuana and mayweather being recognized as the pound for pound champion of the boxing world.

floyd mayweather

bet is usually a quantity of money placed on a result (frequently a sporting event). if u correctly predict the result, u win.

instead of money, snoop won a pound of weed by betting on mayweather

have u ever made a bet with something other than money? when was the last time u gave someone a pep talk? what did u tell them? share your experiences under leave a reply


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