kick the shit out of & piss away in al pacino’s any given sunday pep talk

perhaps the most memorable scene in the movie any given sunday is al pacino’s pep talk (inspirational words) to his fictional football team the miami sharks.

shit and piss expressionsf
the head coach (al pacino) & quarterback (jamie foxx) of the fictional miami sharks

the sharks have qualified for the playoffs, but had a terrible finish to the regular season and the team’s chemistry has become a problem. the speech contains several great expressions including vocabulary based on the bodily functions referred to as #1 and #2 in the bathroom (piss & shit respectively).

coach pissed away his money
coach pissed away all his money

at :40 pacino tells the team that they can stay where they are and get the shit kicked out of them.  and at 1:15 he says that he has pissed away all his money.

fun esl practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

get at the beginning of the phrase indicates that they would be on the receiving end of an ass-kicking. at :35 the video below from the richyrocks youtube channel defines kick the shit out of as lose horribly. clearly coach doesn’t want his team to lose.  he wants to motivate them to fight out of the horrible psychological moment they are living together as a team. my mini-pep talk for frustrated english learners at the end of the video is substantially less fiery than coach pacino’s.

to humanize himself and connect with his players, he shares with them that he has pissed away all his money, or as this other video from the richyrocks youtube channel explains, wasted it foolishly.

while it may sound gross (disgusting), these are just two of several english expressions that use shit & piss. do u know any others? share your knowledge under leave a reply




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