u may be pronouncing mayweather wrong

one important lesson u can take from the fight of the century, at least here in mexico, is the correct pronunciation of floyd mayweather‘s last name, and the word may in general.

fun english practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

in mexican media, the undefeated pound for pound champ is known as MY weather, based on spanish phonetics.  but the first syllable of floyd’s last name, like the current month, should be pronounced like the words day,gay,weigh or they.

mayweather bieber burger king
mayweather & his entourage heading to the biggest payday in the history of boxing (fansided)

the auxiliary verb may is written and pronounced exactly the same way. it has some easy to recognize applications.

in star wars, may the force be with u is a frequently heard phrase that is used to wish spiritual power and good fortune to a comrade. it’s a timely example because star wars fans associate it with today’s date: may the fourth be with u 😀

may the odds be ever in your favor is the cynical line used by the representatives of the hunger games to wish the participants good luck.

finally, lyn may, the stage name of one of the most famous actresses of the fichera era of mexican cinema, is another useful reminder of how to make sure your english pronunciation is oki doke.

lyn may
lyn may, floyd mayweather, the month & the auxiliary verb are all pronounced the same way

did u watch the mayweather/pacquiao fight? what did u think? which franchise do u prefer–star wars or the hunger games? share your opinions under leave a reply




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