gay patriots: 3 ways to be gay

the new england patriots making it to yet another super bowl is a great opportunity to revisit (or appreciate for the first time?) the patriotic song gay patriots on the richyrocks youtube channel.

the song includes varying american opinions about homosexuality, references to the new england patriots‘ nearly completing a perfect season before losing to the new york giants in super bowl xlii and three definitions of gay. the concept of gay patriots was inspired by gore vidal‘s prediction that in the future governments will promote homosexuality as a method of population control.

the most common use for the word gay nowadays is homosexual.

it is also used to insult something as stupid, frivolous or irritating. this usage is widespread (common), but is considered offensive by many who understand it to be homophobic.

fezziwig from "a christmas carol" doing a gay christmas dance
fezziwig, ebenezer scrooge’s boss in the novel a christmas carol, doing a gay (happy) dance at christmas

the traditional definition of gay is happy, though it is rarely heard used that way today except in traditional representations of christmas and the flintstones theme song.

the spoken lines at the beginning of gay patriots are an example of the traditional definition.

tis the season for making merry and being gay

tis the season and merry are vocabulary associated with christmas. tis the season can be heard in the christmas carol deck the halls, and merry christmas is a standard holiday greeting/wish. tis is a reduction of it is.

“yes it is” reaffirms the idea, and “indeed it is” emphasizes the point even more.

two cowboys necking--gay patriots
two cowboys necking

neck is the part of the human body that connects the shoulders to the head, but in the song it is the act of kissing passionately for an extended period.

the lyric at 1:20 is a reference to the movie brokeback mountain.

u don’t like watching two cowboys neck

at 2:20 listen for gon’ in the lyric

if you’re strictly bout the legal u gon‘ say that we cheated

it’s a further reduction of gonna, which is a reduction of going to. it indicates future tense.

fun elt practice  richyrocks english on youtube

reppin is used at the end of the final verse of the song (2:50) and is a reduction of representing. there are a lot of jokes in this song, but it definitely reps (promotes) the right of gay people to be gay and free from discrimination.

did u get the three gay definitions?  are there other expressions in the song that are curious to u?  post your comments or questions under leave a reply




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