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the latest vlog on the richyrocks youtube channel examines the way the american continent got the name america.

the analysis in the video starts with this post on the adventure of english, a bbc documentary, claims (alleges, not verified) americans have spoken better english than the british since colonial times.

this leads to the observations that some americans call the language they speak american and that there are opposing views about who should use the label (designation) american.

fun english practice  richyrocks english on youtube

in addition to jokes and commentary about american opinion on who the name america really belongs to (property of), there is plenty of useful vocabulary to analyze.

trump belt america

america for the americans: is donald trump the new james monroe? (cnn)
  • whilst is the same as while.  it’s mostly used by the british; not very common in america.
  • as long as in this vid means that whole time, in the context of this video, all my life.
  • noisy means loud or vocal. the americans who think american is a language are a minority, but they are very vocal, make a lot of noise.
heck applied to a classic internet meme
  • goll is a softer, less offensive way of saying god. heck is a softer, less offensive way of saying hell. they both sound corny (cheesy, old-fashioned, nerdy).
  • thrilled is excited.
even today people get excited about michael jackson’s thriller album. (wikipedia)
  • it stands to reason recognizes a good argument. the name america was originally used to refer to all of the continent, so it is understandable that people who live in the caribbean and central and south america feel excluded when united states residents imply that they are the only americans.
shakespeare whats in a name america
in shakespeare’s romeo and juliet, juliet famously asks, “what’s in a name?” in an effort to justify her love for romeo. (alamy)
  • what’s in a name? is an expression that is used to say that a name really isn’t so important. the info in the video is that the first time the name america appeared on a map, it was actually used to identify what today is south america.

what’s your feeling about the name american? will the english language be known globally as american someday? does it matter?  share your ideas under leave a reply




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