greedy greed in music, cartoons & movies

greedy, an adjective, means full of selfish desire or always wanting more, often by taking it from other people.

"greedy" mr. krabs on a big pile of money

sponge bob’s boss mr. krabs is greedy.

in her song greedy, ariana grande says several times that she is greedy for love.

the first lyric of this song by liam gallagher, formerly of oasis, says

i’m going toe to toe with a greedy soul

toe to toe implies a fight.

the first line of this dmx rap is

y’all been eatin’ long enough now, stop bein’ greedy
just keep it real, partner, give to the needy

y’all is an informal but common contraction of you all. been eatin’ is a reduction of have been eating, which is present perfect continuous. keep it real is a popular expression that means represent reality, don’t lieneedy means poor, in need of charity.

and at 2:16 and 3:32 in this video, godsmack call the villain a greedy little baby. the song is called greed.

greed is the noun equivalent to greedy. it appears in this somewhat forgotten anti-imperial 80s hit by world party along with its synonym avarice. at 1:55 the lyrics say

avarice and greed are gonna drive you over the endless sea
they will leave you drifting in the shallows
drowning in the oceans of history

gonna is a reduction of going to. endless means without end, infinite. drift means floating without direction. shallows is a part of the sea that is not deep. drown means die from inhaling water.

wonder woman as a galley slave

wonder woman as a galley slave

later in the same verse, world party creates this image

using all the good people for your galley slaves
as your little boat struggles through the the warning waves
but u will pay, u will pay tomorrow

galley slaves are forced to row a ship against their will. as means while. struggle means have trouble, fight.

the message of the video, as is usually the case with greed, is that greed is a negative characteristic.

a meme of michael douglas as gordon gekko. the text reads greed is good

however, around the same time ship of fools was a hit in the 80s, the movie wall street was released and michael douglas, playing the part of gordon gekko made this line famous

greed, for lack of a better word, is good

lack means not have.

greed can also be used as an adjective, like in this song by l.a. rockers la luz about a greed machine that tracks u down (looks for and finds u) even if u give away (let other people have) everything u own.

do u agree with gordon gekko’s analysis that greed is good? or do u share world party’s view that we will pay tomorrow for today’s greed? what other images of greed do u know of in movies, series, cartoons, songs, etc.?




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