succession: over 25 vocabulary words & phrases to talk about the monumental series

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succession, the immensely popular series about the transfer of power from media magnate logan roy to his three kids, concludes this weekend.  it is considered one of the most important series of the moment, possibly of all time. have u watched it? or are u like the headline of this article by steven mcintosh on that asks…

Succession: What’s the big deal?

what’s the big deal? means why is it important? or why are so many people watching and talking about it?

good guy greg meme text reads becomes famous meme on the internet acts like it's no big deal--vocabulario en inglés

ironically, this iconic meme’s name is greg (more on greg from succession below)

rotten tomatoes describes succession like this…

although aging patriarch logan roy has no plans to step aside as the head of waystar royco, the international media conglomerate controlled by his family,  he is contemplating what the future holds.

he has lingered in the limelight longer than even he thought he would, and now family members want to run the company as they see fit.

step aside means get out of the way, resign. although is used to present two contrasting ideas (logan roy [1] not planning to step aside and [2] thinking about the future). as refers to logan roy’s role in waystar.  a conglomerate is a corporationlinger means stay longer than necessary, be reluctant to leave. in the limelight is an idiom that means in the public eye, everyone is watching him. limelight is the title of one of the biggest hits by rush, one of canada’s biggest bands ever.

even emphasizes that logan roy himself is surprised that he is still the head of waystar.  he thought he would is a good example of would being used to talk about the future from the past.  see fit means how they want to. what the future holds means what will happen. it is a common lyric that appears in a multitude of songs:

listen at 1:40 in katy perry‘s huge hit firework for…

if u only knew what the future holdsafter a hurricane comes a rainbow

u will have to listen very closely around 2:40 in tame impala‘s popular track is it true to hear…

we’ll see, we’ll see, we’ll seesee how we gotill we know what the future holds

the last line u can hear in the video for this is it by kenny loggins‘ and michael mcdonald is

no one can tell what the future holds

and this photo, allegedly of singer jason derulo, frequently circulates after red carpet events as evidence of derulo falling while in attendance.

fake photo of jason derulo falling on the red carpet--vocaulbarion en inglés--succession

it’s fake, but coincidentally derulo does have a song about falling in love entitled fallen. at :30 and again at 1:35 in fallen the lyrics say…

i can’t predict what the future holds

if u haven’t seen succession and are considering a binge watch (watching many episodes in a row) mcintosh’s bbc article suggests…

u need to adjust your brain slightly to its tone… [which] is unrelentingly cynical and sardonic.

slightly means a little. unrelentingly means harshly, constantly. cynical means they believe that all of humanity is self-interested and selfish. sardonic means mocking  and sarcastic.

roman roy demonstrating a sardonic look---vocabulario en inglés--succession

roman roy, played by kieran culkin, is the most sardonic character in succession

mcintosh goes on to explain…

the roys constantly undermine and verbally abuse each other. the kids are entitled and cunning…lives and careers are ruined amid a cut-throat environment, yet everything happens amid a sense of farce.

undermine means intentionally ruin. each other means each individual member of the family does it to all the others. entitled means they believe they deserve their wealthcunning means deceitful, sneaky. amid means in the middle of. cut-throat means dangerously brutal or fierce. yet means but. a farce is ridiculous and funny.


can u see the cunning in their eyes?

bryan cox, the actor who portrays logan roy, looks anything but sardonic or cynical in this interaction with guiillermo from jimmy kimmel live at the premiere for season 4 of succession

at 3:00 cox tells guillermo that his catchphrase in the series (the most common line associated with logan roy) is fuck off (used to dismiss someone aggressively).

meme logan roy text is his catchphrase fuck off--vocabulario en inglés

he then slams (finishes in one drink) a shot of tequila. guillermo asks him…

wait, hold on. how come u didn’t wait for me?

hold on means wait. how come is another way to ask why? recognizing that he didn’t do the shot with guillermo, cox asks the person with the bottle of tequila off screen…

could u fill that up again?

fill up means fill completely. after they take the shot, guillermo asks cox about the character cousin greg. greg is a fan favorite who finds himself just outside the roy inner-circle despite his conspicuous inexperience and quirkiness (he’s weird).

cousin greg from succession looking quirky--vocabulario en inglés

greg is super quirky

almost on cue (at the exact moment) and seemingly in character, actor nicholas braun who plays cousin greg shows up (appears) to talk with cox and guillermo. notice that cousin is NOT pronounced COW-scene. it is pronounced with two shwuh sounds (uhh) and the s sounds like a z (KUH-zun).

cousin greg of succession walking and carrying a pair of fancy shoes--vocabulario en inglés

nicholas braun plays cousin greg

guillermo asks braun a silly (absurd) question at 3:30 👉🏼 is cousin greg tall in real life? and follows up with this suggestion…

he should have a catchphrase, right?

should means it’s a good idea. right is a tag question which means by adding it to the end of the statement, a question is created. guillermo uses it to get cox’s opinion on his suggestion.

greg and tom from succession

greg doesn’t have a catchphrase, but tom and greg do have the nickname “the disgusting brothers”

braun reads these two silly potential catchphrases for greg…

i’ll have ‘em gregging for more

i might look like a little bitch, but that’s only cuz i am

i’ll is the contraction of i will. gregging is wordplay on the popular show business phrase leave em begging for more i.e. wanting more at the end of a performance. em is a reduction of them. might means maybe. little bitch is an insult that means soft or weak. cuz is a reduction of because.

a book entitled sex positions women's secrets to get your man begging for more--vocabulario en inglés--succession    a book entitled make her squirt with the summary last longer blow her mind get her begging for more--vocabulario en inglés--succession

literature on how to keep lovers begging for more

beagle begging for scraps at the table--vocabulario en inglés--succession

a beagle begging for food at the table (ryan lane/getty images)

throughout the video, guillermo has difficulty prounouncing the double c in succession. this is a real issue for spanish speakers learning how to pronounce succesion and other cc words 1like accept, accent and  accelerate. there is a k sound and an s sound. cox explains it perfectly at 4:00…

think of suck. and think of a session of sucking. suck session.

suck is making suction with your mouth and is used to express strong dislike too as in man, this traffic sucks. so a sucking session sounds funny because it could be a stupid or annoying session, but it also could be interpreted as a session of oral sex 😵


a suck session with a lollipop

braun then exits in classic greg fashion when, in reference to an important event from season 1, guillermo asks him…

greg, can u get rid of these documents for me, please?

get rid of means make disappear, dispose of.

cousin greg---vocabulario en inglés---succession

he might be a little bitch but succession fans are “gregging” for more 😸

the following vocabulary words/phrases are defined in the tiktok at the top of the post: turd, spouse, son-in-law, honorary, siblingrant, lil ol (little old), apt, regardless, lack, revel in, gain, even though, wealthy, worlds away, clan, get used to, entitlement and lavish.

additionally, these concepts and vocabulary appear in the tiktok but aren’t marked with a graphic: superlatives (the biggest), 2nd conditional (if i had to ), kindahas got structure (he’s got), unique, make sure and  ing verbs after prepositions (since joining, for being  associated).

all of the main characters in succession

the roy siblings plus cousin greg and tom

have u seen succession? what do u think about the series?  share your opinion under leave a reply

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