sean penn made a green card joke

admittedly, i was surprised to hear sean penn drop the green card joke in reference to alejandro gonzalez iñarritu during the presentation of the academy award for best picture.  penn’s presentation speech ended like this

who gave this son of a bitch his green card?

green card is a permanent work permit for non-citizens in the united states.

the cries of racism around the internet are misguided.

the u.s. and mexico are nations. neighboring nations with a serious political imbalance that the u.s. has been able to exploit dating back to when the northern part of mexico became the southwest corner of the united states. but they are not races.

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american exceptionalism, the belief that the u.s. is superior to other nations, is kind of like racism’s dumbass little brother and americans who hold the belief certainly apply it to mexico and the rest of latin america.

that doesn’t have anything to do with what sean penn said, though. he wasn’t arrogantly promoting american exceptionalism. he was making a sarcastic joke. and his sarcasm was directed at u.s. immigration policy, not mexico or iñárritu

penn & iñárritu at the 2015 oscars (getty)

or am i wrong?  what are your feelings about the joke that sean penn made? share your opinion under leave a reply




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  1. I totally agree with your post!! and more than that. In fact I think Sean Penn didn’t think in racism or neither offending some people, none Iñarritu and neither inmigration policy. I think he reacted because of the special moment and he said the words that came to his mind in the moment. In my opinion, the polemic was generated because of the words were mentioned with the following ingredients: that Moment (Oscar award), the winner (Iñarritu the mexican who is new in this kind of awards) and the speculation around the movie (Birdman). BR.

  2. yeah, it caught everyone’s attention that he introduced iñarritu as ‘son of a bitch’ because awards shows are typically formal and boring. apparently, much of the public prefers it that way.

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