living up to the insane hype

it was a weekend of high expectations for long anticipated entertainment events. avengers: age of ultron came out in the u.s., canada and mexico; and the so-called (supposed) fight of the century between manny pacquiao & floyd mayweather finally happened in las vegas. one reason expectations were built up (promoted, pushed) so high is the hype (extreme publicity) that always surrounds blockbuster movie releases and title fights between high profile boxers.

ultron: hell yeah i lived up to the hype.

so it’s no surprise that several publications in the past couple of days have speculated on whether age of ultron and mayweather/pacquiao lived up to the hype.

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the phrasal verb live up to means meet or fulfill expectations. it is frequently used in the negative where it means disappoint or let down.


did the new avengers movie live up to the first one?

for example, asks

Does ‘Avengers’ live up to its hype?

and observes in the first line of the article

sometimes u go to a movie with low expectations.

clearly age of ultron is not a movie people are going to with low expectations and while the ktvz review doesn’t completely believe this version of avengers lived up to the hype, this critique from film critic jeff walls confirms what most movie goers are saying about the movie

if anyone had any doubts that avengers: age of ultron would be able to live up to the hype, those doubts are put to rest within the movie’s first few minutes.

put to rest means dismissed or buried.

conversely, high expectations can lead to disappointment (

on the other hand, this headline from seems to be the consensus about the fight of the century

Mayweather-Pacquiao: “The Fight of the Century” Failed to Live Up to the Hype, But Who Should We Blame For It?

blame is used to assign responsibility for a fail.

action from the so-called fight of the century

to be fair, mayweather was the favorite to win the fight, and his defensive style of boxing is technically brilliant but often not exciting to watch.  every boxing fan knew that before the fight.

what do u think?  did these productions live up to the hype? share your opinion under leave a reply




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