bird box: present perfect & cool vocabulary

bird box has been a holiday netflix sensation.  have u seen it?  if u haven’t, don’t worry; no spoilers here (info that will ruin your experience watching the movie).  just the trailer.

there are many examples of present perfect in this trailer, starting at :30 with two examples of  present perfect continuous when the doctor asks sandra bullock

how’ve u been feeling? have u been sleeping any better?

present perfect continuous uses the past participle been with the -ing form of another verb. the difference between present perfect and present perfect continuous is not always significant. both represent actions that started in the past and continue to the present. present perfect continuous might indicate a shorter period of time.  in this case, the implication is since the last time malorie saw her doctor.

fun esl practice  richyrocks english on youtube

how’ve is a contraction of how have.

sandra bullock and sarah paulsen in bird box

malorie answers

well, rough, but then again i never slept well before this condition.

rough means she hasn’t slept well. then again is similar to on the other hand; an opposing idea. u can hear it in the first line of ok go‘s song with the famous treadmill video…

it could be ten, but then again I can’t remember half an hour since a quarter to four

and the first line of the second verse of the classic frank sinatra song my way contains present perfect and then again 

regrets. i’ve had a few. but then again, too few to mention.


at :40 in the bird box trailer, the doctor replies

it’s called pregnancy. it’s ok to say it out loud.

her application of out loud means audibly, so everyone can hear, it’s not taboo to say “pregnancy.

there is another example of present perfect at :50, when malorie’s sister jessica (sarah paulsen) sees chaos in the streets and observes that something’s happened. something’s is a contraction of something has.

at 1:21 douglas (john malkovich) uses present perfect twice…

every contact we’ve had with the outside has brought us death.

and at 1:30 after malorie’s companion (partner, boyfriend) tom (trevante rhodes) tells her that their kids deserve hope (they should have it). malorie uses present perfect twice too in her response.

every single decision i have made has been for them

every single emphasizes the importance of each individual decision.

it is used a lot in popular music, like the title of this rap that features snoop dogg

the most famous song by the police, every breath u take has the same line in the opening verse, and as a background vocal during the outro

every single day, every word u say

the chorus of beautiful by christina aguilera says

i,u,we am/are beautiful in every single way

and the hook for devil inside by inxs says

every single one of us: the devil inside


also interesting in the trailer…

at 1:55 malorie says

we are going on the trip now. it’s going to be rough.

trip is usually used as a noun when talking about going from one place to another. travel is usually used as a verb, NOT a noun. we are going on the travel now would sound weirdrough in this context means difficult.

a boat trip in bird box

taking a trip in a boat

and at 2:15 she tells her kids, boy and girl,

under no circumstance are u allowed to take off your blindfold

under no circumstance means never. allowed means permitted. take off means remove. blindfold is probably the most obvious vocabulary associated with bird bag.  the blindfold all the characters wear in the movie protects them from the unseen (to the audience) force causing all the chaos.

      bird box meme: me checking my bank account after the holidays meme          bird box salvation army meme

there are many memes at the moment that feature sandra bullock wearing a blindfold.

on the reals, bird box was an entertaining movie but for netflix viewing this holiday season, i liked roma and bandersnatch better. what do u think? share your opinion under leave a reply


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