worst movies of 2015 are cool english practice

fifty shades of grey and mortdecai are both on various worst movies of 2015 lists. one such list is from the sydney morning herald which has mortdecai at #4, and fifty shades as the worst movie of the year. bad movies or not, the media surrounding both movies presents plenty of opportunities to perfect your english with vivid, memorable examples.

mortdecai poster worth
was mortdecai really one of 2015’s worst?

in this clip from an interview with conan o’brien, mortdecai star olivia munn explains at 1:07 that while filming a dance scene in the movie, co-star johnny depp

[has] gotta touch my breast every time and just like, hold his hand there.

johnny depp grabbing olivia munn's boob
he gets to do it or he’s gotta do it? johnny depp & olivia munn in mortdecai.

at 1:33, conan jokes that johnny depp is simply being professional when he grabs munn’s breast. because the breast grab is in the script (the written text of the actors dialogue and actions), depp might say

i gotta do it.

the joking continues at 1:50.  conan assumes johnny depp enjoyed the experience but then corrects himself

if you’re an actor they get to, i mean, (get to);  have to.

this comment is useful for understanding the difference between get to (used to talk about fun activities, privileges or opportunities) and  got to/gotta (used to talk about obligations). got to and gotta are reductions of have got to which is another way to say have to.

at 2:15 conan says

everyone says that when they’re in these situations that they get used to it. that’s just the work, right?

get used to it means becomes regular or normal.

conan olivia munn worst
conan and olivia munn talk about working with johnny depp

on the contrary, olivia at different moments in the interview calls the experience weird, odd and strange. these three words are synonyms that indicate that the scene was awkward, uncomfortable or not normal for munn.

also listen for body parts boob (breast) and dick (penis). dick is used as an insult in the interview however, not a body part.

fun efl practice  richyrocks english on youtube

the weeknd‘s track earned it is on the fifty shades of grey soundtrack.

earn is frequently used to talk about money made through work.  in this case, it is not about money though. it’s an effort to gain something or a synonym of deserve (also in the lyrics of this song).

3 other observations….

**the song starts with the line

ima care for u

ima is a reduction of i’m gonna which is a reduction of i am going to.  it’s used to express the future.

fifty shades of grey worth

**at :55 the weekend sings

i’m so used to being used

be used means exploited or taken advantage of. i’m used to is normal, regular; similar to get used to in conan o’brien’s question above,

**in the chorus, listen for

girl you’re perfect, you’re always worth it

worth it means the effort (or money) necessary to attract this girl, whatever it is, is justified.  she is that precious.

dakota johnson worth it
fifty shades of grey star dakota johnson (another magazine)

did u see either one of these movies?  were they really the worst of 2015? share your opinion under leave a reply


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