how much awareness is too much awareness?

awareness and its adjective equivalent aware mean knowing about or being conscious of something. the promotion of october as breast cancer awareness month has been extremely effective and has made pink the color of fashion for this month.

orange awareness
traditionally, color schemes in october are more orange than pink

this vid from the richyrocks youtube channel was a reaction to learning a couple years ago about preventive mastectomies which are breast amputations performed on women who have a high probability of getting breast cancer based on genetics/family health histories.

at :25 on the video the past perfect tense (the auxiliary verb had + past participle) is used to explain

this year was the first timehad ever heard of someone cutting off their boobs because a doctor predicted the future possibility of cancer

cut off means amputate.  boobs (and titties) are other names for breasts.

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the practice of amputating boobies leads to the question, how much awareness is too much awareness?

too much means not only a lot, but an excessive amount. cutting off a body part is an extreme, perhaps irrational reaction to a problem that may not ever happen.

shoe on the other foot awareness
another example of “shoe on the other foot”

shoe on the other foot is a common idiom that is similar to saying if i were uif i were in your shoes or if roles were reversed.

lord varys & tyrion lannister from game of thrones
lord varys (left) and tyrion lannister (background) are both unique game of thrones characters. varys is also a eunuch.

eunuch is a man who has been castrated; had his balls chopped or cut off. be vigilant with your pronunciation. eunuch is not pronounced the same as unique, which means creative or original.

if u have titties, may they be forever healthy.

like most people i would like to see breast cancer, as well as all other forms of cancer eradicated. but prevention that requires amputation is dreadful (horrible) and drastic (excessive, exaggerated).  what are your feelings about breast cancer awareness month?  share them below under leave a reply




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