toluca lyric #2: dead man’s party

check out the newest vid on the . inspired by día de los muertos, toluca lyric #2 analyzes oingo boingo‘s hit from the 80s dead man’s party.

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the video mentions danny elfman at :45 as the creative force behind oingo boingo. elfman is probably better known for composing scores (music) for scores (groups of 20, a lot) of movies. some of the scores elfman has composed are listed (in all parts of) toluca lyric #2 .


danny elfman with oingo boingo and a skeleton (, dan tuffs /the guardian)

many of the movies danny elfman wrote the score for are used on to help u remember vocabulary or other concepts in english. click below for more cool info:

(regardless of) elfman’s impressive body of work, not everybody recognizes him or oingo boingo. this reality is expressed at :24 and again at :52 with the phrases i ain’t never heard of no oingo boingo and i ain’t heard of danny elfman neither. in both of these comments, replaces the auxiliary haven’t in negative usages of (auxiliary have + past participle). neither indicates agreement between two negative points (in this case, not recognizing oingo boingo or danny elfman). both ain’t and double negatives (ain’t never & ain’t neither) are commonly used, but considered bad grammar.

present perfect presented on a poster (

the first lyric of dead man’s party is all dressed up with nowhere to go. the phrasal verb dress up means put on nice clothes. dressed up is the same idea, but as an adjective. notice at 1:37 that the advice is to always a t-shirt to work (NOT use t-shirt, spanish speakers). jammies at 1:44 is an abbreviated form of pyjamas. starting at 3:45 the video talks about the pronunciation of the word suit in reference to the dead guy in the song wearing a suit and tie.

suit and tie is the title of this popular song by justin timberlake. listen closely. it’s an as long as song as well.

if i’m not mistaken, this is the third time i’ve mentioned justin timberlake on this year. that’s probably too many

during the explanation of the pronunciation of sweet, listen at 4:04 for the sentence u don’t got a sweetcase (suitcase). this is another grammatically incorrect structure that is often heard. it’s a corruption of the have got structure. the correct auxiliary is haven’t, NOT don’t.

at 2:15 the focus of the vid becomes the pronunciation of the word alive. this song by love and rockets

and this one by pearl jam

…are useful examples of how to pronounce alive too.

the -cally at the end of ironically (also grammatically and many, many other words) is pronounced as one syllable (CLEE). check the pronunciation at 2:35.

off the hook, used at 2:40 to describe the dead man’s party, means cool, dope.

doing a voice like a dead person, can dry out (lose all hydration) your throat and make your voice raspy (hoarse, harsh). it happens in the video at 2:57. singer louis armstrong had a famously raspy voice.

bring down, used at 3:10 to talk about the phrase leave your troubles at the door, means make sad (it is NOT the opposite of bring up). it’s used in the title of this elo song.

there is a spoiler alert (warning that i am going to talk about what happens in the movie nacho libre) at 4:23. it’s not really necessary for two reasons: the movie is more than 12 years old and the scene that is described is not really crucial to the of the movie. hearing about what nacho does with the silver dollars before seeing nacho libre will not spoil (ruin) it for u. the vid suggests that the tradition of putting coins on dead people’s eyes is because corpses (dead bodies) have freaky (scary/weird) eyes.

corpse bride movie poster

the corpse bride is another movie danny elfman wrote the score for.

the lyrics in dead man’s party say the dead man has a shiny silver dollar on either eye, meaning both eyes are covered by a coin. similarly, at 5:04, the vid explains that neither it’s all i need nor it’s all in me are correct lyrics. like the example above, neither indicates negative agreement of statements, in this case both lyrics are wrong.

at 5:18 silly gives the idea that nobody could seriously believe that i’m a ghost or a scary skeleton

finally, skin and bones frequently is used to emphasize how skinny a person is. in the video, it is used to stress that i am human and alive, not a ghost. listen for it at 5:22 in the toluca lyric video and multiple times in this song by coldplay

do u have any questions about the vocabulary in the video or the lyrics of dead man’s party? what song would u like to see analyzed in toluca lyric #3? share your thoughts under leave a reply


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