dua lipa talks about breakups

the newest video on the richyrocks youtube channel analyzes all the phrasal verbs and other vocabulary in dua lipa‘s gigantic global hit new rules.
dua lipa
and what does dua have to say about the lyrics?   two of her comments are posted on the  genius lyrics page for new rules

it’s the breakup song that i wish i had when i was breaking up with someone. this is me taking charge… it’s about keeping your distance from someone who’s bad for u. i’m setting some rules down so [that I] won’t go back to that person.

take charge means take control or repsonsibilitykeep your distance means not getting too close, staying away . set down means establish  (oddly [it’s strange], set up means about the same thing, NOT the opposite).  go back is return.  breakup the noun and break up the phrasal verb refer to the terminaiton of a relationship.
paul george taking a charge from demar derozan when george played for the pacers and derozan played for the raptors
taking a charge in basketball happens when a defensive player draws a foul against an offensive player. it’s different than taking charge   (john e. sokolowski-usa today sports)
breakups are a highly popular theme in popular music and have been for generations.
frank sinatra‘s thanks for the memory was inspired by a breakup that is mentioned at 1:15.


the chorus of katy perry‘s hot and cold talks about constant tension in  a relationship

we fight, we break up, we kiss, we make up

make up means reunite, apologize. it’s also used with break up in the third verse of al green‘s song let’s stay together (2:00 in the video)

why somebody….? why people break up? turn around and make up. i just can’t see.

turn around means react.

smokey robinson and the miracles‘ classic tracks of my tears is about a breakup that is mentioned in the lyrics at 2:10

my smile is my makeup i wear since my breakup with u

makeup in this scenario refers to cosmetic products, not reconciliation.

and peaches and herb‘s song reunited is about a breakup that is mentioned in the first verse at :25 when peaches sings

the breakup we had has made me lonesome and sad

some other thoughts from dua about new rules…

it’s a sassy number. it’s definitely one of the crazier ones. like, i feel like when the beat drops, it’s very different to some of the stuff on the album, but somehow it works and it fits in. it’s the kind of thing that u go up to your friends and u tell them, like, ‘don’t go back to that man, here are some rules.’ you’re always way better at giving your mates advice rather than yourself. this is me taking on my own problems and actually setting myself some rules for not going back to this guy who keeps messing me about.

sassy means bold and independent. fit in means it is compatible, it belongs. mates is a british way to say friends. rather than means instead of. take on means confront, try to solveactually means really. it is NOT related to time and is NOT a translation for actualmente in spanish. set in these comments is the same as set down from dua’s previous comments: establish. go back means returnmess about is a british way of indicating someone is not serious romantically.
dua lipa in a hoodie
dua lipa–so sassy!
are any of these other breakup songs better than new rules? is dua lipa right–are we better at giving friends advice than fixing our own problems? share your opinions under leave a reply




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