nfl star josh norman jumped over a bull in pamplona

as the 2019 nfl season begins, i’d like to take a look at one of the most amazing stories of the offseason. a couple months ago, on the popular espn show pti (pardon the interruption) pundits tony kornheiser and stephen a. smith analyzed the significance of a video of washington redskins cornerback josh norman jumping over a bull.

kornheiser shows his amazement at :06 in the video when he emphasizes that they were

real bulls, actual bulls. bulls that run wild in the streets of pamplona, spain.

actual emphasizes that they are in fact real bulls. actual in spanish translates to english as current, but actual in english has nothing to do with time.

the running of the bulls in pamplona

the running of the bulls in pamplona (ander gillenea / afp / getty images)

kornheiser reports at :24 that

this was a huge thrill for norman who said quote, “i had to face the bull straight on. it was fun, it was worth it. it was really worth it.” unquote.

a thrill is instantaneous joy or pleasure. quote and unquote are used to mark the beginning and the end of exactly what josh norman said about the experience. straight on means directly, with nothing between him and the bull. worth it means the thrill was greater than the risk involved.

josh norman jumping a bull

josh norman easily jumping a bull

at :32, kornheiser then asks smith

stephen, if u ran the redskins and u woke up to this this morning, what would u do?

this question is hypothetical. stephen a. is not actually running the redskins. thus the structure is second conditional–> if + past tense + would.

fun elt practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

stephen a. answers at :46 using the third conditional

i’d a picked up the phone and i’d a said, “excuse me. i just gave u $37 million dollars.”

third conditional is hypothetical too, but to talk about the past. the structure is would + have + past participle. i’d a is a reduction of i would have. pick up refers to answering or using the phone like the title of this song by young thug, travis scott and quavo which is in direct contrast to rule 1 of dua lipa‘s new rules.

stephen a. continues to talk from the perspective of redskins owner daniel snyder. at :59 in the video he says

did u know if i just got rid of u right now, i would save $11 million? what the hell is wrong with u?…i better never, ever see u do that again in life as long as you’re wearing a redskins uniform. u got to be crazy.

if i got rid of u right now, i would save $11 million is another example of 2nd conditional. get rid of is cut, release, remove from the team. never, ever emphasizes never. in the phrase better never ever see, better is a modal auxiliary verb that indicates a threat. got to be is a reduction of have got to be (the have got structure) which is the same as have to be. though the abbreviation of what the hell, wth, is much less common online than wtf (what the fuck)–they are both used regularly to express frustration or disbelief–like the namesake of the super bowl trophy vince lombardi famously did in this short video clip.

at 1:16, kornheiser jokingly suggests another possible reaction to norman jumping the bull, then agrees with smith.

so wait a second. so u wouldn’t say to josh norman, “u got mad hops jumping over the bull like that.” i woulda said exactly what u woulda said. i woulda said you’ve underperformed for me and now you’re doing something that could get u killed.

hops is jumping ability. mad hops means norman is a really good jumper. mad means crazy, or in this usage is a lot. woulda said is a reduction of would have said–another example of 3rd conditional. underperform means norman has not met expectations. the redskins made him the highest paid cornerback in history in 2016 with a 5-year, $75 million contract. so far, he hasn’t been worth it.

russell westbrook dunking at the 2015 all-star game

russell westbrook got mad hops (brad penner | usa today sports)

stephen a. comments at 1:57

i like josh norman, but you’re supposed to know better.

supposed to means it’s expected. know better means be smarter, know that jumping over a bull was a bad idea. u can hear know better as part of the chorus of rae sremmurd‘s track no flex zone.

and to kornheiser’s suggestions for contracts that would prohibit players from bull jumping and other dangerous activities, at 2:22 steven a. replied again from the perspective of an nfl owner…

come up with anything u can think of and plus i would have the right to modify and add stuff if it endangers your ability to potentially play football for me.

come up with is produce, create, propose. stuff means things, or specifically here, dangerous activities for football players.

josh norman wearing the jersey of the mexican national selection arriving to a redskins game

josh norman wears a mexico jersey a lot

what do u think? can a boss dictate what their employees do when they are not at work? what if the boss is paying the employee $75 million? who will win the super bowl this season? share your views under leave a reply



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