richard sherman’s friend dave

richard sherman, considered by many to be the best cornerback in the nfl, came up on the losing end of super bowl xlix yesterday with his team the seattle seahawks. nevertheless, his commercial for fathead wall graphics that ran during most of this season can be quite educational.

at :20 sherman’s friend dave confronts the sherman fathead who he believes to be the actual richard sherman

you’re still mad about last summer, aren’t u?  ok, i didn’t know it was a potluck. and i woulda brought something had i known. u gotta get over it, man.

aren’t u? is a tag question. a statement (you’re still mad about last summer) followed by an auxiliary and a pronoun that turn the statement into a question.

the real richard sherman famously asked tom brady if he was mad after beating the patriots during the 2012 season (

potluck means a dinner where everybody brings a pot full of food. in most instances it is organized to guarantee a nice variety of dishes.

animated and real life potlucks (,

i woulda brought something is a hypothetical example. we know this because of the structure: modal auxiliary (would) + have + past participle (brought). in reality, dave didn’t take anything to the potluck.

had i known is past perfect, which can also be used to indicate a hypothetical situation in the past.  the idea here is that dave didn’t take anything to the potluck in question because he didn’t know that it was a potluck.

fun efl practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

finally dave tells the richard sherman fathead that he’s gotta get over it, i.e. not still be mad about dave’s misunderstanding about the potluck.

sherman's friend dave
richard sherman’s friend dave is confused by fathead’s realism

do u really believe dave and richard sherman are friends? or that sherman makes his own soap (:04 on the video)? share your comments under leave a reply




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