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a recent post here on talked about how nba superstar lebron james’ promotion of education in his hometown of akron, ohio is making kids feel like they on a college campus.

young lebron james

lebron james belonged in the nba as soon as he finished high school

belong applied like this means be in the right place. it can also mean be a member of or be the property of.  and in case u are not really a basketball fan, here is an extensive playlist of musical examples that have  belong in the title, the lyrics or both.

this clip from the now defunct (not in production)  lopez tonight  (makes fun of) the local pride promotional video we built sioux city (sioux city, folks 😸)

my favorite part of the clip is the guy cleaning the toilet singing u belong to sioux city which is a parody of the song u belong to the city by glenn frey. the song is best known for being used on the miami vice tv series.

dwyane wade celebrating in the miami heat miami vice uniform

dwyane wade is back home where he belongs with the miami heat after time with the chicago bulls and cleveland cavaliers. he is wearing the heat’s miami vice uniform in this photo.

in the chorus of ace of base‘s the sign the question “where do you belong?” is easy to identify.

radiohead‘s creep is a weirdo (strange person) who in the chorus of the song  says “i don’t belong here.”

three of the hottest artists of the past decade have belong songs….

around 2:00 in hotline bling  drake criticizes an ex with these lyrics

ever since i left the city, u, u, uu and me, we just don’t get alongu make me feel like i did u wronggoing places where u don’t belong

ever since refers to the time after drake left the city until the present. get along means have a friendly relationship.

miley cyrus and timbaland belong to the music.

and taylor swift  thinks the guy next door belongs with her.

this bruce springsteen classic makes u feel safe because the night belongs to lovers.  and listen at 1:17 for the line

what i got i have earned

i got is a reduction of i’ve got–the that is an alternative to have. have earned is : have is an auxiliary in this case. earn means springsteen got it from his own efforts, nobody gave it to him.

lenny kravitz….

and muse both have songs called i belong to u.

check out all these other belong songs from movies 🙀

bob dylan flips lenny kravitz and muse’s sentiment with u belong to me.

ritchie valenswe belong together changes the perspective to first person plural (we). it’s on the audio for an important scene in the biopic about valens, la bamba.

joe cocker and jennifer warnes‘ theme from the movie an officer and a gentleman believes love can lift them up to where they belong.

and finally, pat benatar‘s we belong as the soundtrack for this scene from ricky bobby is hilarious.

do all these musical examples give u a clear idea about how to use belong? is it a good idea to believe the people u love belong to u? which belong song do u like best? share your opinion under leave a reply


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