raised eyebrows: the golden globes, oprah, the trumps & sexual harassment

earlier this month at the 75th golden globe awardsoprah winfrey was presented the cecil b. demille award for outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment.

prah giving a speech at the golden globes that gave people the idea that she might run for president

oprah gave a speech at the golden globes that talked about empowering women and gave people the idea she might run for president. (paul drinkwater/nbc)

annie karini at politico.com explained that winfrey’s acceptance speech described a

 dawn means begin, or when the sun comes up. empowered means with power. me too refers to the twitter hashtag that has been used to build solidarity among victims of sexual harassment. too in this context means also.

#metoo image

later in her speech, as reported in martin belam‘s  guardian.com article,  winfrey said

for too long, women have not been heard or believed if they dare speak the truth to the power of those men. but their time is up. their time is up.

too long means the time has been excessive, longer than acceptable. have not been heard or believed is present perfect passive voice. it is implied but not mentioned that society hasn’t listened or believed women who report sexual harassment.  dare means risktime is up, which has become another popular hashtag on twitter, means time is finished, over or through.

ivanka trump and her dad the president

if oprah runs for president, is trump’s time in the white house up? (mark wilson/getty images)

president donald trump‘s daughter and adviser ivanka was inspired by winfrey’s speech, as evidenced by this highly criticized tweet.

belam’s article said

social media users pointed out that ivanka trump’s father, the u.s. president, was facing multiple accusations of sexual harassment

point out means mention, remind. face means confront.

fun english practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

oprah interviewing donald trump in 1988

trump & oprah face to face in 1988. could they face each other in the 2020 presidential election?

karini’s article observed that ivanka’s tweet

proved what many of her colleagues acknowledge privately about the player behind the controlled façade: she is still prone to rookie political mistakes.

prove means the tweet is evidence. acknowledge means recognize or admit prone to means susceptible or vulnerable. a rookie is new or inexperiencedfaçade refers to ivanka’s public image or outward appearance.  click here for the correct pronunciation of façade. the word façade is important to the lyrics of peter gabriel‘s beloved generation x anthem (iconic, representative song), in your eyes. the prelude to the chorus of the song says

all my instincts, they return
and the grand façade, so soon will burn

it appeared in this famous scene from the movie say anything. listen for the lyrics at :35 in the vid.

karini also analyzed the possibility that oprah could run for president in 2020 and the appearance that ivanka was showing support for her dad’s future opponent.

on top of the odd sexual politics of ivanka trump’s selective support of the #metoo movement, the tweet was read as an unexpected endorsement of winfrey, the entertainment mogul who lit up the hopes of desperate democrats that she might be the answer to dethroning trump and his family in 2020.

on top of is additionally. odd is weird, unusualselective means ivanka applies her support only when and where she chooses. was read is another example of passive voice (auxiliary be + past pariticple). it is implied but not mentioned that the public understood her tweet as an endorsement. endorse is support. a mogul  is a vip;  usually mogul is accompanied by a category that the person is famous in. for example, in addition to being called an entertainment mogul, oprah can be called a media mogul, a talkshow mogul and probably a few others. light up is excitedemocrats are the opposition party in u.s. politics at the moment. trump is a republican. obama was a democratdethrone means remove from power.

steve ballmer celebrating at a clippers' game

clippers owner and software mogul steve ballmer.

the headline of karini’s article emphasized the duality of ivanka’s position

Ivanka tries to have it both ways: Trump’s daughter and #MeToo supporter

both ways in this context refers to two contrasitng realities. it can also be used to indicate a reciprocal relationship  and is often used to describe bisexuality, like in  the title of this video from the ms mojo youtube channel

the headline of belam’s article expresses the attitude of social media users that he writes about in his article

Her too: Ivanka Trump’s praise of Oprah Winfrey speech raises eyebrows

praise is a strong compliment or approval. the expression raise eyebrows indicates surpriseskepticism or disapproval. there is a meme that became popular last year that contains the physical action of raising eyebrows. check it out in this tweet.

and as this headline from another article on politico.com states, the rest of the trump family had already raised eyebrows with their comments about sexual harassment.

Before Ivanka‘s Oprah tweet, Trumps’ harassment comments raised eyebrows

the ‘s after ivanka is singular possessivethe apostrophe after the s in trumps is plural possessive.

oprah might run for president?–president trump with raised eyebrows

do u follow ivanka or president trump on social media?  will oprah run for president? what do u think about the accusations of sexual harassment against president trump? share your opinions under leave a reply





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