toluca lyric 7: old town road (part 2)

more valuable information about the newest video on the richyrocks english youtube channel! toluca lyric 7 is analysis of the lyrics to the mega hit old town road by lil nas x and billy ray cyrus.

fun elt practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

the lean, mentioned in lil nas x‘s lyrics and in toluca lyric 7 at 2:14 is a drink prepared by mixing cough syrup, soda and sometimes alcohol and candy.

vicks cough syrupcough syrup: the key ingredient in lean

the bladder keeps urine until it is gotten rid of through urination. like toluca lyric 7 affirms at 2:15, “all” in the lyric lean all in my bladder isn’t necessary. it gives the idea of a full bladder of lean. kelly rowland uses “all” similarly at 2:04 in her song like this in the lyric

if he’s all in your head, forget all the things that he said

all the things is a more standard use of all–>the totality, everything.

in the comment i actually did a search at 2:52, actually means really. it does NOT mean the same as actualmente in spanish, which refers to time. there are a few other uses of actually in toluca lyric 7. can u identify them?

comic that shows what americans actually mean when they say they are ok

what americans say vs what they actually mean, according to

the modal auxiliary verb might is used at 2:58 in toluca lyric 7 to comment that there are more songs that talk about bladders, maybe, than u think. don’t confuse it with mighty (very, strong) the misheard lyric discussed at 1:18.

the singer of the other song that includes bladder and wranglers in the lyrics is larry the cable guy, he is probably considered redneck more than country. redneck is similar to country but more specific. redneck characteristics include stupid, white, poor, rural, southern and frequently racist. larry the cable guy is probably not well known outside of the united states, but he is the voice of ‘mater in the cars franchise.

'mater from the cars franchise

larry the cable guy’s character ‘mater from the cars franchise

the 8 seconds of larry the cable guy’s i pissed my pants that appear in toluca lyric 7 contain four highly useful vocabulary words/phrases, in addition to mentioning bladder and wranglers. hold it in at 3:09 means keep inside his bladder, not urinate. give in at 3:11 means larry’s bladder couldn’t resist anymore. piss (3:13) means urinate and drawers (3:15) frequently means underwear, but in larry’s song means pants, jeans.

album cover for larry the cable guy's a very larry christmas

believe it or not, i pissed my pants is actually a christmas song

the lyric got no stress i been through all that spoken at 3:20 in toluca lyric 7 contains two typical reductions. got no stress is a reduction of i have got no stress; the have got structure. i been through all that is a reduction of i have been through all that which is present perfect.

kick back (kick on back) at 3:24 means relax, usually with your feet up.

the marlboro man was an advertising icon used by marlboro cigarettes. at 3:30 gravelly, referring to a voice, means low and rough or harsh; in the case of the marlboro man, because of smoking.

maury the hormone monster talking to andrew on big mouth

maury the hormone monster from the netflix series big mouth has a gravelly voice.

at 3:39 that shit ain’t gonna fly is talking about the irregularity of billy ray cyrus playing hannah montana’s dad on the disney channel and now calling himself the marlboro man. shit here refers to this contrast. ain’t replaces isn’t. gonna is a reduction of going to. it indicates future tense. the complete idea of ain’t gonna fly is that the disney channel would not accept one of their dads promoting cigarettes.

the use of wish with the simple past (could) at 3:48 resembles 2nd conditional and describes billy ray’s desire to roll on back to that old town road. roll back means return, probably in a car and in a cool way.

an astronaut kicking back and enjoying a beer on the moon

an astronaut kicking back with a cold one

“on” in kick on back and roll on back is another unnecessary word. it can be used to emphasize the enthusiasm of an action. it is used famously in james brown‘s iconic song sex machine. bobby byrd says get on up about a thousand times

speakin of is used at 4:05 to continue with more information about elementary school teachers–they generally frown on (don’t like, discourage) the use of double negatives. i wanna ride till i can’t no more is an example from the lyrics of old town road. that don’t make no god damn sense either, used in toluca lyric 7 at 1:09 to talk about the confusion of the lyric horses in the back is another. can u identify any other double negatives in the video?

old town road’s lyrics also have an example of a triple negative, can’t nobody tell me nothing. while this is a problematic phrase where formal english is required, as a song lyric it is effective.

bart simpson writing

bart writing a triple negative about double negatives on the blackboard

in toluca lyric 7 at 5:42, the old town road is described as a symbolic road to fame. in this video, lil nas x describes it as a road to success, not necessarily fame. his comments are the reason the idiom straight from the horse’s mouth (directly from the source) is used at the end of toluca lyric 7.

meme of a horse. text reads: primary sources. getting your information straight from the horse's mouth

lil nas x is the best source for information about the meaning of old town road.

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