vocabulary related to the fear of bacon & bacon

for people who love bacon and value the findings of the world health organizaion, the news was bad this week.  according to the who (again; the world health organization, not the rock band) processed meats such as bacon, ham and hot dogs cause cancer.

beloved bacon

the bangkok post broke the news gently (looked for an easy way to report bad news) on their learning from news site

Bacon raises cancer risk, but only slightly

last man on earth bacon
todd & tandy frying bacon clandestinely in the last man on earth

despite being an extremely popular food in the u.s., bacon has been taking criticism for being unhealthy for a long time. bacon fear led to the creation of sizzlean, a supposedly healthier alternative.  the product name is a combination of words that can be used to describe bacon: sizzle and lean. for example, this line is spoken twice in this commercial

move over bacon, there’s something leaner

lean, as the commercial spells out, means without fat. bacon has a lot of fat. sizzlean is much leaner than bacon.

american pharoah bacon
american pharoah is a lean, mean fighting machine. (brynn anderson, ap)

it can be used to describe a person or an animal, like triple crown winning racehorse american pharaoah. before winning the breeder’s cup earlier today, american pharoah was described by his trainer bob baffert as

lean. [he’s a] lean, mean fighting machine

lean, mean fighting machine is a common expression used to indicate physical and psychological strength and dominance.  and when it was first used, people were undoubtedly impressed that it rhymes 🙂

t sizzle bacon
baltimore raven terrell suggs, aka t-sizzle, is also a lean, mean fighting machine.

lean six sigma is another useful application of the word lean.  it is a business methodology that focuses on reducing waste and getting rid of inefficient practices i.e. making a company leaner.

lean six sigma bacon

when bacon is presented side by side with sizzlean at :12 in the commercial, u can hear the bacon sizzling. sizzle is the sound bacon, and meat in general makes when it fries.

sizzler bacon
a sizzler restaurant

the u.s. resaturant chain sizzler takes its name from the sound.

it’s well-known that seattle seahawks superstar running back marshawn lynch (nickname: beast mode) doesn’t like to talk to the media, but as a highschooler, after winning the oakland section championship (the silver bowl) he seemed to be full of joy as he told a reporter

if my linemen wasn’t so good, o my god, i don’t know what to do. and me, being as broke as i am, i’m about to find the way to treat my linemen to sizzler

lynch uses the second conditional (hypothetical–in reality his linemen are great). broke means without money. treat means lynch will pay the bill at sizzler, not completely unrelated to the idea of trick or treat.

trick or treat bacon
on halloween, kids wearing costumes go door to door and shout “trick or treat!”. trick or treat is a request for candy (treat) reinforced by the threat of vandalism (trick) [photo: alamy]

sizzle can also be used to indicate something is exciting, like marshawn lynch in the above video, or the racecar lightning mcqueen in the pixar movie cars. in this interview lightning explains

there’s a lot more to racing than just winning. i mean, taking the race by a full lap, where’s the entertainment in that? no, no.  i wanted to give the fans a little sizzle.

and sizzle can imply that someone is sexy, like model ireland baldwin in the photo below. dailymail.co.uk ran this headline about halloween photos that baldwin posted on her instagram

ireland baldwin sizzles on instagram with racy lingerie snaps ‘for halloween’

ireland baldwin halloween sizzle bacon
ireland baldwin sizzling in halloween lingerie on instagram

fun esl practice richyrocks english on youtube

do u like bacon? does the world health orgainzation’s announcement worry u?  what other ways have u seen sizzle or lean used?  share your ideas under leave a reply





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