charles woodson retires

the oakland raiders’ brilliant defensive back charles woodson will play his last game today. earlier this week he shared some thoughts about his career ending on

charles woodson triumphant
charles woodson (charles kyle terada-usa today sports)

while he commented

i approached my career with the mindset of never looking back.


i don’t really have regrets in my career.

woodson won super bowl xlv while playing with the packers. he played in green bay from 2006-2012.

he also admitted (using 2nd conditionalif+verb in the past+modal auxiliary)

there are several things i’d probably do differently if I had the chance.

look back in this context refers to focusing on the past. mindset is psychology. regret is used to talk about feelings of sadness or disappointment about the past. despite what he says above, in the article woodson indeed uses the word regret to describe his feelings.

fun english practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

al davis charles woodson
woodson wishes he would have sat down with raiders owner al davis when he left the team after the 2005 season. al davis passed away in 2011. woodson returned to the raiders in 2013.

one thing woodson would have done differently relates to late (deceased,dead) raiders owner al davis. he uses past perfect and 3rd conditional to express it

i wish i would’ve had a conversation with raiders owner al davis when I left as a free agent after the 2005 season. i wish now we had talked. not that it would have changed anything, but it would have been good to sit down, face-to-face, and just talk to him and see what could have happened.

had talked is past perfect.  all the other examples follow the 3rd conditional structure of modal+have+past participle which is the most common structure to use to express regret.

charles woodson preparing to tackle brandon jacobs
woodson getting ready to tackle brandon jacobs in the 2007 nfc championship

woodson also mentioned tackling giants running back brandon jacobs early in the 2007 nfc championship game. he said that the impact of the hit

knocked … my … ass … out!…..that’s a big regret for me, not going and hitting that guy low. that was a ROUGH day from then on out.

rough means difficult. from then on out means starting at that moment until the end.

charles woodson larry fitzgerald playoffs
defending larry fitzgerald in the 2010 playoffs  (tom hauck/getty images)

finally, charles recalls a 2010 playoff game vs the arizona cardinals when referees warned him multiple times before the game about holding wide receiver larry fitzgerald. it affected woodson’s mindset, and as a photo caption says in the article, he was not happy with how things turned out (happened) that day

i just remember after that game just kicking myself, because i allowed somebody to dictate a part of what i did on the field on game day. i never got over that.

kicking myself is an expression that shows frustration and regret.

woodson made a big tackle on one of the most controversial plays in nfl history


congratulations to charles woodson for his excellence (he was voted into his 9th pro bowl this season ) and longevity (18-year career, he’s retiring at age 39).  a truly great football player is playing his last game today.

charles woodson heisman
woodson won the 1997 heisman trophy as college football’s outstanding player. he is the last defensive player to win the award. 

are u a charles woodson fan? what do u remember about his career? share your reflections under leave a reply




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