eric weddle fits in with the ravens

one of the key free agent signings for the baltimore ravens during the offseason was safety eric weddle.  he had an important interception in baltimore’s 25-20 come from behind victory over the cleveland browns last weekend.

ravens head coach john harbaugh and eric weddle
weddle and ravens head coach john harbaugh both have a hard-working attitude and aim to get the most out of every day (tommy gilligan-usa today sports)

the ravens were excited about weddle from the beginning, as a report by sarah ellison on shows. the article starts with this summary

with teammates and coaches singing his praises, the three-time pro bowler is already fitting in ‘perfectly’ with the ravens.

singing his praises means that teammates and coaches are saying really nice things about him. fit in, the phrasal verb that is used the most in the article to describe eric’s relationship with his new team, means he is compatible, he belongs.

eric weddle pro bowl photo
weddle played in 3 pro bowls while he was a member of the san diego chargers.(

head coach john harbaugh said it like this

he fits in with how we do things around here just perfectly. … i give [general manager] ozzie [newsome] all the credit in the world. that was a great signing.

fun esl practice :) richyrocks on youtube

and weddle himself also commented using fit in

in all honesty, it feels like I’ve been here my whole career. it’s been a natural, seamless transition. I’ve been able to fit in, but also imprint what I’m all about and what I bring to the team.

seamless means easy,  it couldn’t be detected.

a denim seam
a seam holds two pieces of fabric together. there were no seams necessary for eric weddle’s transition from the san diego chargers to the baltimore ravens.

imprint means leave a mark, show, establish.

jacob imprints on renesme in the twilight saga
in the twilight saga, jacob imprints on renesme.

ellison makes this observation about eric’s chemistry with his new team and coach.

perhaps the transition is going so smoothly, so quickly, because weddle and the ravens go together like peanut butter and jelly. even harbaugh and weddle are similarly built with enthusiasm and a hard-working mentality, aiming to get the most out of each day. each man genuinely loves football.

smoothly (from smooth, the opposiste of rough) refers again to an easy transition. go together like shows a strong relationship. peanut butter and jelly is one of the most popular sandwiches in the u.s. aim indicates an objective, a goal.

eric weddle celebrates with timmy jernigan
weddle fitting in with his raven teammates (getty images / patrick smith)

and the characteristics that weddle is known for were evident from his first practices with the ravens.

everything that embodies vintage weddle is already showing up: the fun-loving attitude, the world-class work ethic and study habits, the infectious energy, the coverage disguises, the smell of fear he creates in opposing offenses – everything.

embody means represent. vintage is like classic or the best examples ofshow up means appear.

ellison uses several examples of compound adjetives (e.g. hard-working, fun-loving, world-class) where two words form a single idea to describe a noun.  they are usually hyphenated, but not always.

eric weddle had a big interception against the cleveland browns
weddle’s interception vs the browns

who is your favorite nfl team? how has weddle’s arrival impacted the ravens defense this season? share your comments under leave a reply




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