last friday night is a blacked out blur

katy perry did not perform her big hit last friday night during her spectacular and memorable super bowl xlix halftime show. could it be that the nfl frowned on the hedonistic attitude that the song describes?

at 1:15 in the video u can hear the lyric

pictures of last night ended up on line, i’m screwed. o well.

it’s a blacked out blur but i’m pretty sure it ruled. damn.

end up indicates an unexpected result. screwed means in trouble, she has problems. screw is generally a softer way to say fuck. katy could also say i’m fucked, but screwed is a much safer option especially considering her young fan base.

a vid on my youtube channel offers more background on the expressions blacked out and blur

katy doesn’t remember everything that happened last friday night (blacked out) and what she does remember is not clear (blur).

a blurry eye chart
when u take an eye test, if the eye chart looks all blurry like this, u might need glasses.

two other useful observations:

**the song is called last friday night not THE last friday night, which is a common spanglish error.

katy perry partying last friday night
katy perry drinking a lot last friday night

**expressions in the richyrocks youtube video like she was partying very hard (:12), a significant quantity (:30) and a bunch of alcohol (:40) indicate intensity or a large amount of alcohol.

hangover stu last friday night
when drinking a lot becomes drinking too much

but too, as in too much alcohol (:35) and she drank too much (1:19), gives the idea that she passed a limit or crossed a line and she should have drunk less.

fun english practice richyrocks english on youtube

are there any other expressions in the song that are confusing? should katy have played this song at the super bowl?  do u think she will play this song when campaigning for hillary clinton? share your questions and comments under leave a reply


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