spotify wrapped reveals (again) that r3hab is my top artist

truth be told, i look forward to the annual spotify customized data dump, aka spotify wrapped, every december. but for at least the third year in a row, it feels like spotify has exaggerated what the dj r3hab means to me.


every year spotify tells me i love r3hab and every year i wonder why #spotifywrapped

♬ Bomba – Deorro

or is spotify trying to gaslight me into believing  i’m one of the biggest r3hab fans in the world?

spotify wrapped image that says my top artist was r3hab       
r3hab is a moroccan-dutch dj who i listen to occasionally

245 minutes (just over 4 hours) spread out over a year puts me in the top 1% of r3hab listeners? that can’t be right. does every r3hab fan just listen until the drop and then hit the next track button?  i can’t answer that; that info was not included in my 2021 spotify wrapped. but i can deduce with some certainty that ones u miss was my top r3hab song because i used it as the slightly sarcastic soundtrack to one of my youtube videos (it is actually a very nice song to listen to while wistfully reminiscing). 

however, when the day comes that spotify is no longer a trendy or even serviceable option for listening to music and global listeners leave it behind, i can foresee myself leaving r3hab behind too and maybe not missing him at all

fun english practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

CHECK OUT these vocabualry definitions from the above commentary…

truth be told is used for revelations or admissions. it means honestly. look forward to  means anticipate with excitement.  data dump is the presentation of a large quantity of information. customized means the data is prepared for each individual spotify user. aka stands for also known as

gaslight is an effort to convince someone they are crazy. the name of this band may or may not have anything to do with that definition of gaslight

gaslight anthem has two song titles on their first album, sink or swim. that use 3rd conditonal. can u identify them?

spread out means distributed. a drop  in electronic dance music is when the music builds up (crescendos, gets louder), stops briefly then returns with a stronger bassline. here are some additional examples of drops from r3hab.

answer is pronounced AN-sur.  don’t pronounce the w. listen to the pronunciation here. wrapped has a double meaning. it can mean cover in paper, like a christmas present and it can also mean finished like a year-end report.  the ai in certainty is a shwuh sound, listen to it here. slightly means a little, somewhat. actually means in reality or in fact NOT now (like actualmente en spanish).  wistfully means nostalgically. reminisce is happily remember. it’s a common theme in popular music…

toosii also has a popular song with the title truth be told  🤯

trendy means fashionableserviceable means functional. even is used to emphasize that there is a difference between trendy and serviceable.  

twitter trending topics image vocabulario en inglés

trendy and trending topics are not the same thing, but they’re related

leave behind means not continue with, forget about, foresee means anticipate. at all emphasizes i will not feel ANY sadness about not listening to r3hab music. i probably won’t 😹 😢 fck. will i miss r3hab? damn u spotify wrapped


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