jaime jaquez jr: phenomenal vocabulary inspired by his brilliant rookie season

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miami heat rookie jaime jaquez jr was already turning heads based on his exceptional play this season. then he scored 31 points in a victory over the philadelphia 76ers on christmas day, establishing his career high and setting the scoring record for a mexican in the nba.

miami heat head coach erik spoelstra team rookie jaime jaquez jr and team president pat riley--vocabulario en inglés

jaquez with head coach erik spoelstra and heat team president pat riley (ira winderman–sun sentinel)

jaquez’s performance earned praise (positive feedback) from veteran teammates bam adebayo and tyler herro and drew (evoked) a comparison to all-star jimmy butler from  head coach erik spoelstra. in a miami herald article by anthony chiang, spoelstra said…

he has a moxie to him. he has an experience level that u can feel that kind of transcends his age…he does a lot of stuff without the ball in his hands. i don’t think i called one play for him tonight, literally

moxie is determination, grit. kind of means in a way, more or less. stuff means things.

jimmy butler and jaime jaquez jr--vocabulario en inglés

there have been plenty of comparisons between jaquez and heat superstar jimmy butler (clutchpoints.com)

literally means precisely, exactly. the overuse of literally is heavily criticized.  it is often applied  simply to emphasize a point that may not necessarily be real or literal thus contradicting its original definition. spoelstra is probably using the original idea of the word.

sticker of 5 ryan gosling characters text reads literally me--vocabulario en inglés--jaime jaquez jr

only true if u are literally ryan gosling (redbubble.com)

chiang includes this description to support the comparison between jaquez and butler, a 6-time nba all-star and olympic gold medalist…

it’s that unique ability to make an impact with or without the ball in his hands paired with jaquez’s effectiveness in the mid-post at a sturdy 6-foot-6 and 225 pounds that’s reminiscent of butler.

and jaquez doesn’t shy away from the comparisons, saying during the predraft process that butler is one of his favorite nba players.

the mid-post is the area between the baseline and the free throw line extending a couple steps outside the paint (lane).

diagram of names of spots on a basektball court--vocabulario en inglés--jaime jaquez

the mid-post isn’t labelled on this diagram, but it is between the low-post and the high-post. logical, right? 😎 (medium.com)

unique means distinctive, not typical. it is NOT used as a direct translation for the spanish phrase el único, which translates as the only one. paired with means combined, matchedsturdy means strong, muscular.  reminiscent of means jaquez reminds people of jimmy butler. shy away from is avoid. notice that the noun for the verb compare is comparison, NOT comparation.  the phrase with or without is reminiscent of this famous u2 song…

chiang recognizes that the similarities between the two players are not exactly a coincidence. in fact, jaquez acknowledges the he frequently picks butler’s brain (consults him, asks for advice)…

i think more than anything i’m like a monkey see, monkey do kind of guy. u see what he’s doing and… try to do the exact same thing. so when I see him playing and trying to draw fouls, how under control he is, how calm he is at all times even when things aren’t going his way

obviously we talk throughout the game constantly about moving and where to be and things like that. so it’s just been tremendous. i think it’s helped my game a lot.

monkey see monkey do means jaquez imitates butler. draw means cause, provoke. even emphasizes that butler stays calm during difficult moments (when things aren’t going his way). throughout means the whole game. moving is in the -ing form because it comes after the preposition about. it’s been is present perfect so it’s is a contraction of it and the auxiliary has, not it is)

meme of michael scott from the office the text reads monkey see monkey do monkey pee all over u--vocabulario en inglés--jaime jaquez jr

the extended version of monkey see, monkey do concludes with the monkey taking a pee

in his post game interview on christmas day with angel gray,  jaquez talks about not wanting to mess up  (ruin) coach spoelstra’s perfect christmas day record and shouts out (a message of appreciation) his family and friends and the fans. the announcer, mark jones, then wonders if jaquez will get a shout out from singer peso pluma or reggaetonero bad bunny.


in an article by mark j. spears on andscape the accolades continue. heat forward kevin love, who is an nba champion as well as a fiba world cup and olympic gold medalist, is impressed with how jaquez is blending in (adapting) during his rookie (first) season.

kevin love jaime jaquez jr and erik spoelstra--vocabulariio en inglés

kevin love (#42) and head coach erik spoelstra both shouted out jaquez [afp]

nba champion and recent mexico city capitán juan toscano-anderson is impressed by jaquez’s game and his potential…

he’s a hell of a player…i think him playing so well and being in the [rookie of the year] chase, it enhances the magnitude/impact. he has more face time, more coverage, more support. so, it’s different. the previous mexican players have all been role players. he has the chance to be more than that

hell of a is emphasizing jaime’s talent. chase means competition. enhance means improve. face time, in addition to being a widely used video phone app, means media exposure. a role player has specific responsibilities to fulfill but isn’t a superstar.

juan toscano anderson flexing in his capitanes uniform--vocabulario en inglés

toscano-anderson: jaquez is a hell of a player

part of what toscano-anderson is talking about is the prospect of jaquez becoming a major representative for the sport of basketball throughout latin america.  with this in mind, jaime is dedicated to  perfecting his fluency in spanish. he  explains

my spanish is getting better living in miami…u got to understand the way i was brought up...growing up, it wasn’t spoken in the household.

got to is a reduction of the have got structure and is the equivalent of have to. was brought up and wasn’t spoken are past passive voice. was and wasn’t are auxiliaries. brought up and spoken are past participles. bring up means raise, household means house, home.

jamie jaquez jr & peso pluma --vocabulario en inglés

jaquez & peso pluma

get better means improve. it’s a great example of how adjectives are used with the verb get to indicate a change or a process. it appears in an amazing number of song lyrics by a diverse group of artists from various genres 🙀

👉it’s a question in the first line of one by u2. this video is a version with mary j. blige

one direction‘s they don’t know about us says it’s getting better–keeps getting better all the time at 1:15

the most obvious example is this beatles song…

at 2:05 on this early logic track listen for my business getting better every day

kevin abstract of brockhampton drops i find myself getting better by the fucking minute at :50 in sister/nation

listen at 1:45 in florence + the machine‘s popular song big god for sometimes i think it’s getting better and then it gets much worse

in the bigger picture, a response to the 2020 police assassination of george floyd, lil baby observes…

fucked up, the way that we livin’ is not getting better

fucked up means broken, highly problematic.

fabolous‘ rap breathe asserts that he is getting better year by year at :52

show me what u got by jay-z declares he’s just getting better with time at 1:18

listen closely at 1:10 in khalid‘s jam up all night for

ask me how i am– i’m getting by (getting better by the minute)

ask me how i am avoids using the embedded question how am i? get by means exist, manage, survive. the lyrics also include getting high and getting older–examples of get + adjective.

korn‘s dark anthem coming undone laments not getting better at 2:45

the chorus of i melt with u from the movie valley girl contains the line

you’ve seen the difference and it’s getting better all the time

and tracy chapman‘s fast car tells a sad story with a moment of optimism at 2:55 (sung by luke combs)

i know things will get better, you’ll find work and i’ll get promoted

get promoted is an example of passive voice with get.

jaquez will participate in both the rising stars and the dunk contest at nba all-star weekend 2024. in a press conference on nba.com. he promised that he has some tricks up his sleeve (surprises) for the dunk contest.

jaime jaquez jr dunking--vocabulario en inglés

jaquez will participate in dunk contest at nba allstar weekend 2024

the tiktok at the top of the post is based on a quirky, past hypothetical comment (3rd conditional)…

in 2014, if u would’ve bet a parlay that in 2024 on nba all-star weekend there would be a mexican-american kid in the dunk contest and a brazilian kld representing a mexican franchise in the g-league dunk contest u would’ve made roughly a fafillion dollars

the video contains definitions for bet, parlay, roughly, on top of that, held, either one, ima, keep it real, in pursuit of and at all.

fafillion is a made-up (invented) really big number. ludacris uses it at 2:50 in this tribute to the austin powers franchise…

have u seen jaime jaquez jr play? what does he mean to the future of basketball in mexico and latin america?  share your opinions under leave a reply


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