prime: ministers, numbers, mr.t & more

it is logical for spanish speakers to translate primer ministro (the top executive position in a parliamentary government) to first minister in english, but in fact the title in english is prime minister.

boris johnson is the new prime minister of great britain.

countries that have prime ministers include netherlands, canada, australia, new zealand, israel, serbia, united kingdom, india, pakistan, iraq, japan and south korea.

amazon prime

amazon prime offers members several excellent services.

there are various other applications for the word:

prime can mean excellent or superior.

prime numbers are only evenly divisible by themselves and the number one, for example 2, 3, 5, 7,11, 37 and 51.

prime rib

prime rib is a quality cut of beef.

subprime lending or the practice of offering high risk loans at higher interest rates led to (caused) a financial crisis in the 2008.

bob dylan
bob dylan during the recording of “like a rolling stone”.

the first line of bob dylan‘s like a rolling stone says

once upon a time u dressed so fine, threw the bums a dime in your prime, didn’t you?

this sarcastic lyric sets the tone for the rest of the song, which criticizes a woman who didn’t feel any sympathy for the suffering of poor people until she became poor herself. in your (his,her,etc.) prime is used to describe when someone is living the best years of their life or performing at their highest level. the opposite concept is has-been.

guy sitting on the street holding a sign that says "brother, can u spare a dime"     the front and back of a dime (10 cents)
“brother, can u spare a dime” is an expression used to ask for charity and is associated with the economic depression of the 1930s. (

the same rhyme of dime and prime ()appears in five to one by the doors

trade in your hours for a handful of dimes, gonna make it baby in our prime

listen for it at 2:10 in this vid

the black keys song in our prime remembers the better moments of a relationship that has ended.

and the lyrics of matt and kim‘s song glad i tried contain this happy idea at:15 and :55

spent my whole life in my prime

spent is the irregular past tense of spend.

similarly, according to, mr. t had “one hell of a muscular body when he was in his prime.

mr.t in his prime
mr. t showing off his ‘hell of a  muscular body’.

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finally, prime time means the time when everybody watches t.v.; traditionally from roughly 7-11p.m.  it is also used to describe something spectacular or important. nfl network analyst deion sanders still goes by the nickname prime time from his playing days.

deion sanders playing for the san francisco 49ers
deion sanders, aka prime time

do u have a political opinion about boris johnson? are any of these songs on your playlists? did u ever see deion sanders play? how much is a dime worth? share your answers under leave a reply




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