“moistly” trends thanks to trudeau

thanks to justin trudeau, english vocabulary was trending worldwide earlier this week.


canadian prime minister justin trudeau

lauren strapagiel‘s article on buzzfeednews.com explains

throughout the novel coronavirus pandemic, canadian prime minister justin trudeau has been giving daily updates from outside his home in ottawa.

throughout means from beginning to end. novel is unique. has been giving is present perfect continuous. it’s used in this scenario because trudeau started giving the updates a few weeks ago and he continues to give an update every day.

fun elt practice richyrocks english on youtube


goku speaking moistly. should he be wearing a mask?

strapageil describes what distinguished trudeau’s update on tuesday from the rest…

mostly, these are pretty serious, given the situation — but on tuesday things got weird for one brief, awkward moment. while talking about the use of protective face masks, trudeau uttered the word “moistly” and then immediately regretted it.

mostly means the majority of.don’t confuse it with moistly 😃

pretty, like quite or rather, can vary in intensity from more or less to very depending on the situation and the tone of the speaker. it’s probably closer to very in this example. given means considering. brief means short. awkward is uncomfortable. utter means say. moistly is NOT a commonly used adverb. the adjective moist means a little wet. get weird, like many other adjectives used with get, refers to a change; in this case from serious to awkward after trudeau said moistly. regret means trudeau didn’t want to say moistly, and felt stupid for using the word.

the article reports that trudeau was talking about the use of protective masks when he used the word moistly

“it protects others more than it protects u because it prevents u from breathing or speaking…moistly on them,” [trudeau] said. he then paused and added, “what a terrible image.” it was a rare moment of levity in these otherwise trying times

prevent means not let happen. breathing is the process of respiration. rare means uncommon, it usually does NOT mean weird like raro does in spanish. levity is humor, a light moment. trying means difficult. otherwise indicates that except for the momentary laugh after trudeau’s word choice, these days have been heavy.

moist used in marketing

in addition to moistly not being a typical word used to describe people spitting (discharging saliva) when they speak, another reason for the big reaction to trudeau’s word selection is that moist can also refer to female sexual excitement. strapageil observes…

twitter is also at peak horniness right now

peak means at the highest level. horny means sexually excited. by adding -ness, the noun horniness is created.


omg. did he just say moistly?

the article includes tweets that demonstrate the horniness that strapageil is talking about, as well as ( in addition to) several other reactions to trudeau’s usage of moistly

impending means imminent. doom is a terrible end. deserve means merit. the phrasal verb come together means unite. u probably recognize it as the title of this well-known song by the beatles.

are u worried about speaking moistly at someone, or another person speaking moistly to u? do u believe masks are an effective way to fight the coronavirus? share your thoughts under leave a reply




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