elon musk: take the red pill & more magic from may 2020

tech entrepreneur elon musk had an amazing may 2020 that included a peculiar social media moment. an article by brooklyn neustaeter on ctvnews.ca reports that

a cryptic tweet from tesla billionaire elon musk that appeared to reference the matrix has garnered approval from u.s. president donald trump’s daughter ivanka trump, but it is not known exactly what message it’s intended to convey.

cryptic, like its spanish equivalent críptico, means unclear, confusing. garner means get, earn. it is not known, used several times in the article, is passive voice. is is an auxiliary; known is the irregular past participle of know. it is implied that twitter users are who don’t know what the tweet means. convey means express, communicate. neustater shares that musk has previously said that humans may be living in a computer simulation as portrayed in the matrix 😳


elon musk and ivanka trump

this is the cryptic tweet—

the “red pill” refers to this scene in the matrix….

but there’s more!

while the “red pill” has long been used as a metaphor for accepting harsh realities over blissful ignorance (the “blue pill”), it is not known what musk’s tweet is actually referring to as he does not explain the message.

long used in the phrase has long been means for a long time. harsh means cruel, severe. actually is in fact; NOT now like actualmente means in spanish. as in this context is because. blissful means extremely happy. it’s a great example of the suffix -ful being added to an noun (bliss) to create an adjective. ignorance is bliss, the title of this rap by kendrick lamar, is a standard expression. blissful ignorance is not.

matrix lovers have their own metaphor for the red pill that involves lana and lily wachowski, the writers/directors of all three matrix flicks (movies).

fans of the film have found symbolism in the “red pill” to represent the harsh reality of gender transition with its directors — who came out as transgender years after the film’s release — weaving their own sense of alienation and displacement into the story.

come out in reference to gender or sexuality means reveal or declare. weave means the wachowskis include details about their own experiences in the story. alienation is isolation from society. similarly, displacement is used here to talk about feelings of not belonging or being removed from society.


this activity is the original idea of weaving (southworld.net)

but the red pill has also become associated with a movement of men who believe they have been awakened to (realized) the reality that it’s a woman’s world where men are at a disadvantage. the internet is confused. what did musk mean by tweeting this controversial symbol? and how did ivanka trump interpret his tweet?

it is not known if trump’s retweet acknowledging that she has taken the “red pill” is an endorsement of defying coronavirus orders, which she has done herself, or an encouragement of right-wing politics. she may also not fully understand what the “red pill” signifies in online communities and her response may have only been written to strengthen her connection to the billionaire.

acknowledge means recognize. endorsement is a show of support. defy means ignore. encouragement is positive feedback. right-wing means politically conservative. politics is a set of beliefs. fully means completely. may have been is a hypothetical possibility in the past (third conditional) that reinforces the doubt about trump’s intentions. strengthen is the verb equivalent of the adjective strong.


elon musk endorsed andrew yang for president in 2020

wachowski wasn’t impressed regardless (whatever ivanka’s motivation was)…

jake swearingen‘s article on buisnessinsider.com, talks about musk’s feud (fight) a couple weeks ago to resume (start again) operations at his tesla plant

he has called stay-at-home orders “fascist, and last monday he said he was reopening the fremont [california] factory in defiance of local orders and was willing to be arrested to do so.

defiance is the noun equivalent of the verb defy. willing means prepared. be arrested is another example of passive voice. musk would receive the action (arrest) NOT perform it.


the tesla plant (andrei stanescu/istock)

musk had a baby this month with singer/songwriter grimes. their son was born may 4 and the national post commented that

according to us weekly, her relationship with musk had been on the rocks during her pregnancy as the couple experienced “a lot of ups and downs in their relationship” and “have been on and off.”

pregnancy is the time a mother carries her baby (9 months). had been is past perfect. it is referring to the time before the birth while grimes was pregnant (the adjective equivalent of the noun pregnancy). grimes wrote this song about being pregnant.

ups and downs means good times and bad times. have been is present perfect. it refers to the time of the pregnancy until now. on and off gives the idea that for some of that period, the couple did not consider themselves to be in a relationship. on the rocks indicates problems in the relationship. it is alluded to by neil diamond in the title of this classic…

grimes’ mom, canadian media commentator sandy garossino, is part of the story too. in fact, she’s the national post’s headline…

Grimes’ mother appears to slam Elon Musk on Twitter over his comments on the ‘red pill’

slam is criticize, insult. appear is used to show that garossino’s comments on twitter were also cryptic.

sandy garossino interviewing prime minister justin trudeau

last but not least (last on a list but not the least important) space x, another of musk’s companies, launched their first human mission into space at the end of may.


the spacex launch on may 30 (ap/chris o’meara)

the english practice extra video for this post includes definitions for: line of work, tapped into, likewise, sibling, stockholder, inkling, and throw shade at. additionally, u can hear examples of third conditional and feud, and this vocabulary appears in other posts on richyrocks.com: find out, either, aware and ima .

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