mexican slang in english

the latest addition to the vlog on the richyrocks youtube channel — mexican slang in english!!!

slang is informal language.

at :35, this example of hypothetical english (2nd conditional) observes that though mexico & the u.s. have a lot in common

even if we spoke the same language, we would probably not say things the same way

actually, in addition to the diverse histories of these two countries, we speak different languages as well, and this can create confusion. none of the mexican slang in the sample (:42, small representation, subset) in this video makes sense (is logical) when it is directly translated to english. even the splendid (outstanding, magnificent)  google translate (:47) struggles (has  trouble) trying to make sense of these expressions.

google translate mexican slang
google translate is a splendid tool, but not great with mexican slang


  • the description of the phrase échame aguas presents a lot of vocabulary related to human waste and its removal.  poop, dookie & shit are names for excrement.  piss is another name for urine.

a hand flushing a toilet vocabulario en inglés        a sewer lid vocabulario en inglés

after taking a dookie or a piss, flush.  after flushing, the dirty water goes to the sewer. (

indoor plumbing indicates a system of running water that allows people to go to the bathroom inside. when the toilet is flushed to get rid of the waste, in some cases, sewers take the dirty water to be treated (cleaned). water that returns to the natural environment without any cleaning process is called untreated sewage.

the teenage mutant ninja turtles live in the new york city sewer,

fun english practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

  • one of the possible translations for me diste el avión is the phrasal verb blow off.  this clip from the popular 90s series seinfeld uses blow off to mean not keep an appointment or skip. listen at :17


  • an english equvalent for the mexican idiom valió madres mentioned in the video is

u didn’t care at all,

at all emphasizes the idea of none or nothing. in this case, there was zero caring. not even a little. similarly, at :45, the observation is that this sample of mexican slang doesn’t translate directly to english at all.

do it with passion or not at all
another way to use at all (


  • during the analysis of the spanish word abusado the richyrocks video implements an example that talks about buying a car from a guy named timmy bob.  the final observation about timmy bob is that he is a sneaky sumbitch.

sumbitch is a variation of the insult son of a bitch. sneaky means not direct or trying to mislead and is used to describe someone who shouldn’t be trusted.

in this commercial for the game connect four, sneaky describes the sister’s strategy for winning.

a graphic in the richyrocks video communicates,

abusado is quite succinct

succinct means to the point. abusado can effectively communicate an idea that otherwise (another way) would require a lot of words to explain.


Untitled image (1)
neither daniel-san nor miyagi actually say “a huevo” in karate kid
  • like the graphic says at 5:11 in the mexican slang video,  a huevo has nothing to do with eggs. huevo is spanish for egg, but can also be used as a synonym for testicles in mexican slang (like balls in english). in the expression a huevo, the testicle definition is implied.

twice in the karate kid examples used to illuminate a huevo, there are graphics that use the word actually, which is often confused with the spanish word actualmente. classic spanglish. actually HAS NOTHING TO DO with time.  it means in fact, in reality or really. the idea in the video is that the a huevo examples are actually paraphrases (rewordings); not direct quotes (lines) from karate kid.

the crane. a huevo.

do u know any other cool mexican slang? how does it translate into english?  share your info under leave a reply


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