ice cube isn’t pissed about oscar snub

nominations for the 88th academy awards were announced on thursday. as most of the categories allow for only 5 nominees, it’s inevitable that a lot of outstanding work will not be recognized. the media frequently calls this a snub (rejection) and it’s a common theme every year on the internet after oscar nominations are released. this year, ran this headline

Oscar SnubsStraight Outta Compton, Johnny Depp Left Off 2016 Nominees List

left off means not included.

straight outta compton poster snub
straight outta compton was left off the list of best pictures for this year’s oscars

the accompanying article by lindsay kimble recognized that

no actors of color were tapped in the individual acting categories [for] the second year in a row.

of color means not whitetapped in this context means chosen. in a row means consecutive.

cary fukunaga & idris elba snub
director cary joji fukunaga and actor idris elba worked together on beasts of no nation (tommaso boddi/getty images)

the article provides many worthy performances by actors of color that could have been nominated such as idris elba in beasts of no nation, directed by cary joji fukunaga 

unfortunately, cary joji fukunaga’s gripping drama received no love from the academy.

gripping means really interesting or emotional. it’s related to the physical idea of grip: grabbing or holding.

baseball bat grip
a batter gripping a bat (

michael b. jordan‘s portrayal of the title character in the movie creed was another opportunity

while sylvester stallone has received an overwhelming amount of love for reprising his role as rocky balboa in creed, the film’s lead actor has been shut out of the award circuit.

overwhelming as it’s used here means a lot. reprising means doing again, bringing back. shut out means jordan hasn’t been nominated for any major awards.

sylvester stallone & michael b. jordan snub
sylvester stallone & michael b. jordan getting pumped up in creed 

the omission of straight outta compton, the biopic (biographical movie) about gangster rap pioneers nwa was also omitted from the list of best picture nominees. the academy nominates up to 10 movies for best picture, but this year only selected 8. kimble writes

the snub further exemplifies the lack of diversity among this year’s top categories.

lack indicates without.

johnny depp as whitey bulger snub
would u snub this guy? johnny depp as whitey bulger

could there additionally be a calculated snub against movies with gangster themes? the article also mentions that johnny depp was not nominated…

despite an eerie transformation into boston crime boss whitey bulger in black mass.

despite means it doesn’t matter. eerie means weird, scary. johnny depp was not nominated for mortdecai either.

ice cube wendy williams snub
ice cube talks with wendy williams about straight outta compton and n.w.a.

at least one celebrity who got snubbed isn’t mad about it. ice cube was one of the producers of straight out of compton. adelle platon reported on 

Ice Cube on ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Oscar Snub: ‘It’s the Oscars, They Do What They Do’

in an interview with talk show host wendy williams, ice cube said he’s not pissed (angry) or surprised, and that he can’t be mad. the article explains why

straight outta compton racked up impressive accolades since its release last august: landing at No. 1 at the box office and raking in $200 million worldwide.

rack up (related to billiards) and rake in (related to yard work) both mean collect in large amounts. accolades are awards.
racking up pool balls snub    raking in a bunch of money snub

racking up pool balls and raking in cash (getty images)

ice cube also commented on n.w.a.’s induction to the rock and roll hall of fame this year

it is nice to be recognized, but n.w.a. is anti-establishment so we’re used to people trying to dismiss what we gotta say, used to the industry looking down on us. we were the black sheeps of the industry and we used to it. If we didn’t get nominated, that would be familiar territory.

used to in all these instances is accustomed to, i.e. the negative reaction to n.w.a. is nothing out of the ordinary for its members, it’s normal to them.  look down on means the recording industry has always acted arrogantly; like n.w.a. was inferior. it’s similar to the idea of black sheep, that is used to label people who are considered disgraceful or embarrassing.

black sheep snub
black sheep or black sheeps (anita maric)

ice cube pluralizes sheeps but like reindeer, shrimp, bison and various other animals, sheep is often used as the singular and the plural.

fun elt practice  richyrocks english on youtube

what do u think about these academy award snubs?  should more people of color have been nominated for oscars this year? share your opinion under leave a reply



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