get used to it (we are used to it)

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, s13e09 of the simpsons, contains a short dialogue that perfectly demonstrates the difference between get used to & be used to.

during the episode’s opening moments, homer realizes a gay pride parade is passing by.  two guys marching in the parade chant (shout in rhythm)

we’re here, we’re queer, get used to it.

queer originally means strange or odd, but like gay, is a word that the homosexual community has made their own, and today is used most frequently to indicate same-sex sexual preference.

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get used to it means accept it, and implies something that might not be popular but will not change. it can be applied to any situation, but has been a gay pride slogan for decades.

thanks in part to gay pride parades, society is more used to gay lifestyles today.

for this reason, lisa replies

u do this every year, we are used to it.

apparently the springfield gay pride parade is an annual event that passes right in front of the simpson home. years ago it may have seemed outrageous (scandalous, shocking) or difficult to process, but nowadays it’s normal.

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is lisa a spoilsport?

disappointed that the parade is lacking (doesn’t have) the shock value previous versions had, one of the marchers calls lisa a spoilsport or somebody who is killing their fun. it is similar to the concept of a spoiler ruining enjoyment of a movie or tv show, thus the spoiler alert.

can u think of any other events that people were shocked by initially, but then got used to? share your examples under leave a reply  


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