wimpy, wimpy, wimpy wimps and hefty bags, price tags & smurf

wimp (wimpy) is an insult that is used to call a person weak.

diary of a wimpy kid--the last straw
diary of a wimpy kid is a popular series of children’s books
diary of a wimpy kid dog days movie
the books also inspired 3 movies

at the end of the 80s hefty trash bags had an effective ad campaign that compared their product to the wimpy competition.

hefty means big or strong.

hefty is the strongest smurf

hefty is frequently found in the phrase hefty price tag which means expensive. euroweeklynews.com ran this headline over a story about the high price of remdesivir, a drug believed to be effective in the treatment of the coronavirus

Outrage as New ‘Coronavirus’ Treatment Comes with a Hefty Price Tag of Up to Almost €4,000

outrage means intense anger. up to establishes an upper limit of €4,000.

fun english practice richyrocks english on youtube

no strings attached
natalie portman is disgusted with ashton kutcher’s wimpy jacket

returning to some wimp examples…

at 1:45 in this horrible clip from the movie no strings attached, ashton kutcher calls natalie portman a wimp, which she denies.

wimpy is the name of a character in popeye cartoons who is famous for his love of hamburgers

and the pharcyde‘s popular track passing me by is about guys having bad luck romantically with women. at 3:40 the lyrics say

damn, i wish i wasn’t such a wimp

this lyric is also a useful example of how wish is used to express hypothetical situations. wasn’t does not indicate past tense, it’s a hypothetical idea. in reality, the guys in the pharcyde video are afraid to talk to the various girls passing by.

which wimp in these examples is the wimpiest? share your opinion under leave a reply




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