draggin’ something around is definitely a drag

maybe the easiest way to understand the word drag is how it is used in digital terminology as part of the convenient computing technique known as drag and drop.

drag & drop
drag and drop in two easy steps

the ease of drag and drop misses some of the difficulty of the original idea of drag though, which implies resistance and some difficulty in pulling.  in this video, a man drags a shark back into the ocean at australia’s ninety mile beach

alleged dragging is part of one of the most reported news stories in the u.s. this week; sadly yet another instance of a white cop killing a black, unarmed victim.  after a traffic stop, university of cincinnati officer ray tensing claims he shot sam dubose in the head because he was being dragged (passive voice) by dubose’s car and was afraid he would be run over (smashed by the moving car–also passive voice). footage from the body camera tensing was wearing doesn’t appear to validate his story.

officer ray tensing (left) claims he thought he would be run over, so he shot sam dubose (right) in the heaad. [wcpo]

stop draggin my heart around, a classic rock duet by stevie nicks and tom petty is about a couple that can’t find a way out of a bad relationship

the reduction of the “g” at the end of draggin’ is common in informal english for all -ing endings.

Man Dragging a Heavy Heart
what dragging someone’s heart around looks like (jordi elias)

drag has a bunch of other applications too.

drag racing or dragging refers to cars racing on the street, like in the popular movie franchise fast and furious. in this clip, van diesel tells the late paul walker

used to drag here back in high school

rupaul’s drag race, a reality show competition for transvestites, makes a connection between two different definitions of drag: racing cars and men dressing up like women.

this clip from the flintstones features fred and barney in drag. listen and see if u can understand why

lady gaga‘s hit born this way repeats this line a few times

don’t be a drag, just be a queen

gaga is making the connection between transvestites (also known as drag queens) and irritating or annoying situations that can be referred to as a drags.

cover for mother's little helper; single by the rolling stonesa
a song about using prescription drugs to help get through the day

the application of drag as irritating is used by the rolling stones in their song mother’s little helper. this lyric appears 3 times

what a drag it is getting old

the second verse of the song also explains that modern mothers say cooking fresh food for their husbands is a drag (:48 in the video).

fun english practice ❤️ richyrocks english on youtube

and the beastie boys complain about the difficulty of living with your parents when u are a teenager in their classic fight for your right to party 

living at home is such a drag 

beastie boys in the fight for your right to party video

finally, deacon blues by steely dan at 5:00 says

i take one last drag as i approach the stand.

in this context, drag means one inhalation from a cigarette.

don draper taking a drag
don draper (jon hamm) in a familiar pose from the series mad men; taking a drag

can u drag any other ways to use the word drag into this discussion? which one of these examples is the most useful to help u remember one of the meanings of drag? share your observations under leave a reply


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