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wet hot american summer first day of camp

wet hot american summer: first day of camp, a prequel to the 2001 movie wet hot american summer, portrays a stereotypical american youth experience: summer camp. the 8 episode season will be available on netflix friday. this trailer previews some of the sexy language and sexual innuendo that efl viewers will want to understand to appreciate the humor in the series.


first of all, wet hot sounds like a description for a summer camp located on a lake, but also creates the impression of a woman who is sexually excited.

the narrator talks about first crushes happening in the summer. a crush is a a feeling of romantic interest, or the person that feeling is directed toward.

h. jon benjamin‘s character, mitch, presents campers with a list of sensual activities that are not allowed at the camp. listen at :20  in the trailer…

these are some things that will not happen here this summer: no relations between campers and counselors. this includes dry humping, necking, wet humping, finger banging, wheelbarrowing, salt water taffying…..

necking is passionate kissing for an extended period.  finger banging means stimulating the vagina and clitoris with a finger. bang alone can mean sex.

wheelbarrow is a sexual position that takes its name from the one-wheeled vehicle

to really look like a wheelbarrow, the guy needs to pick up her left leg (,

salt-water taffy is an elastic candy.  i’d never heard it used to describe a sexual act before wet hot american summer, but creating taffy requires pulling. additionally salt-water is not a common nickname for semen (male reproductive fluid), but it’s not a big stretch (very different) to understand it that way either. so salt water taffying might be the same or similar to a hand job or a tug; pulling on the penis until it ejaculates.
salt water taffy hot wet american summersalt water taffy hands hot wet american summer




does the process of making saltwater taffy remind u of a sexual act?

wet humping implies genitals rubbing against each other but without penetration. dry humping is the same idea with clothes on. this video clip from the movie bad teacher shows justin timberlake dry humping to climax with cameron diaz.

this might create some confusion because hump is also used to refer to having sex.

at :42 in the wet hot american summer preview, michaela watkins‘ character rhonda is giving the kids some choreography. she is instructs and demonstrates

point the toes, gyrate and lead with the crotch.

gyrate indicates rotating around a point or dancing wildly.  this video from the movie chocolate city features gilbert saldivar. erotic dancers do a lot of gyrating, and the final three seconds of this vid is saldivar gyrating his hips

crotch is the part of the body (and the part of a pair of pants) where the legs come together. lead with the crotch is instructing the kids to make sure the first thing everyone sees when they take the stage is their crotch.

rosario dawson grabs paul rudd's crotch
rosario dawson grabbed wet hot american summer star paul rudds crotch at the 2011 independent spirit awards.

there are two synonyms for penis that u can learn from the trailer. in a weird attempt to come off as (appear) macho, at 1:10 andy (paul rudd) asks katie (marguerite moreau)

u tellin me u don’t wanna hack yourself off a slice of this long, greasy dick?

and at 1:50 courtney (kristen wiig), in an effort to flirt, says this double meaning line

i’ll be on the boat rowing crew, if we can find a coxswain

coxswain is the captain of a rowing team.  the first syllable of coxswain is cock, which like dick, means penis.

a rowing team, including a coxswain
the coxswain (back to the camera) steers the boat for a rowing team.

nurse nancy (nina hellman) promotes safe sex at the camp when she lets lindsay (elizabeth banks) borrow her diaphragm at 1:25


diaphragms of of various shapes, sizes and colors (CBAS)

finally, the only use of the word fuck (original meaning: sex) in the wet hot american summer: the first day of camp preview oddly has nothing to do with sexual activity. at :45, susie (amy poehler), out of frustration shouts

get the fuck out

fuck is used for emphasis in this phrase for telling someone to leave, like hollywood agent ari gold (jeremy piven) does in this scene from the series entourage

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