did an unbreakable kimmy schmidt joke break a dermatologist?

the popular and uplifting (inspirational) netflix series unbreakable kimmy schmidt is not uplifting for everybody.

unbreakable kimmy schmidt

when fredric brandt, a dermatologist with celebrity clients who is considered a “pioneer in the use of botox” committed suicide last month, news.com.au ran this headline

Surgeon suicide after mocked on Tina’s Fey’s comedy ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’

and reported that

brandt was upset about martin short’s portrayal of a nutty plastic surgeon on the hit comedy, but it was not the cause of his death.

upset means emotionally affected in a negative way. nutty means crazy or eccentricportrayal means representation.

UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT -- " " Episode 104 -- Pictured: (l-r) -- (Photo by:)
kimmy schmidt meets her boss’s nutty plastic surgeon

according to brandt’s publicist

the show definitely deeply hurt him, he was being made fun of because of the way he looks.

made fun of and mocked both mean laughed at. hurt means injured or damaged, in this case emotionally.

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the parody mentioned is from the episode kimmy goes to the doctor. martin short has a brief but memorable appearance as the oddball (eccentric) plastic surgeon, dr. franff.

dr. franff looks like he has had too much plastic surgery done on his own face. his cheeks and mouth don’t move naturally so he is difficult to understand, but the second thing he says to kimmy is

these frown lines are flubbed up

frown is the opposite of smile. flub up indicates a mistake. dr. franff uses it to try to convince kimmy that he can fix her frown lines.

kimmy schmidt--titus andromedon
kimmy’s roommate titus andromedon frowning

as mentioned in the headline from news.com.au, tina fey is the creator of unbreakable kimmy schmidt. when she was liz lemon on 30 rock she sang this optimistic song about frowns in s4 e12

omaha.com explains that martin short is known for creating absurd characters like dr. franff who are

rooted in some shred of reality

and that he

typically draws praise for these portrayals

shred means a very small amount.

the fictional dr. franff & the late dr. brandt (screencrush.com)

short told omaha.com that comedians should think about boundaries (limits) when doing a parody, but that the possibility of offending someone shouldn’t prohibit a sketch

i think u should try to be aware and try to be sensitive

aware is similar to conscious.

baba wawa
baba wawa & barbara walters

to support his point, short mentioned baba wawa, gilda radner’s famous parody of tv journalist barbara walters from the sketch comedy show saturday night live

walters hated the impersonation at first before later embracing it… however, [walters] never acknowledged that [radner] shouldn’t have done it. that’s really what it is.

embrace is another way to say hug and in this context means accept enthusiastically. shouldn’t have done it is another great example of how to talk about a hypothetical situation in the past.

in this video walters admits she hated baba wawa, but that she eventually (and literally) embraced gilda radner as well as the parody.

what’s your opinion? can an actor go too far when they are doing a parody?  have u seen the kimmy goes to the doctor episode of unbreakable kimmy schmidt?  what did u think of it? share your comments under leave a reply




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