get over it–humps, bumps & other situations

get over it, a video from the , analyzes a pair of t-shirt slogans associated with ian mckellen.

the expression get over it changes slightly (a little) as applied to the two different shirts.
ian mckellen get over it

the shirt ian mckellen is wearing in the photo above was designed to confront intolerant attitudes towards gay people. like the video says, telling people to get over it is similar to saying don’t make such a big deal out of it and ideally, accept it.

ian mckellen gandalf

this t-shirt is a joke derived from the other one.  the video explains this message is for fans who see mckellen literally as gandalf & magneto; characters he plays in the lord of the rings and x-men movies respectively. get over it is requesting that fans don’t act like idiots and have respect for themselves and mckellen if they happen to run into him (see him unexpectedly) on the street.

the sad demise of the los angeles clippers in the nba playoffs offers several other examples.

doc rivers get over the hump
clippers coach doc rivers: there’s the hump. get over it!

referring to the clippers gritty victory over the defending champion san antonio spurs in the first round, clippers coach doc rivers observed

we took too long to get over the intoxication of beating the spurs.

rivers’ idea is that the excitement of beating the spurs affected the clippers performance in their series vs the houston rockets in the second round. the clippers did win game 1 vs the rockets though, and took a 3-1 advantage before losing 3 games in a row to be eliminated.

this comment from coach rivers after losing game 7 on sunday

i didn’t think we performed very well, and that was disappointing. but you have the whole summer to get over this.

get over the hump
the clippers are not smiling. they didn’t get over the hump.

and as this is the fourth straight season that the clippers have qualified for the playoffs but have been unable to make it to the conference finals, several opinions about the clippers have referred to getting over the hump (overcoming an obstacle).

is paul pierce what the clippers need to get over the hump? (vndesign)

suggests that they should acquire veteran all-star paul pierce

[pierce] would add scoring, toughness and a winning attitude that could help the clippers get over the hump

tough, an adjective, means strong, durable, resilient. the suffix -ness is added to create a noun equivalent, toughness.

get over is also frequently used in reference to the end of a romance. like this hit song by david guetta with fergie and lmfao….

….and this movie. the song and the movie are both about the difficulty of accepting that a relationship has finished.

i’ve never seen the movie, but it features performances from martin short and several young stars before they became famous for other well-publicized performances: ben foster (x-men), kirsten dunst (spiderman), zoe saldana (avatar, star trek, guardians of the galaxy) and mila kunis (black swan, ted).

ben foster angel x men
angel’s dad can’t get over his son being a mutant. (ben foster as angel)

finally, this meme (below) is funny because it combines getting over being afraid of mexico’s favorite traffic control tool, the speed bump, with the physical action of getting over.

get over it--speed bumps
are u afraid of speed bumps

can u think of any other applications for the expression get over it or the phrasal verb get over? share them under leave a reply



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