“blame” in 13 cool english songs u know

blame means assign responsibility for a wrong or mistake. it is a common theme in popular music particularly in songs about breakups (relationships that have ended).

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for example, the principal theme of blame by calvin harris and john newman is avoiding blame for infidelity.  it is reflected in this lyric from the chorus…

blame it on the night, don’t blame it on me

post malone‘s new hit circles has these lines in the chorus

i dare u to do something
i’m waiting on u again, so I don’t take the blame

dare means challenge. post wants her to do something that will provoke a breakup so he doesn’t have to take the blame for the relationship ending.

on the other hand, in the most dramatic part of kelly clarkson‘s breakup song behind hazel eyes (2:00), clarkson accepts blame.

for hating u, I blame myself

similarly, the first line of charlie puth‘s dangerously says

this is gonna hurt but i blame myself first

busta rhymes’ fast-paced rhymes in gimme some more also mention being blamed at 1:05. the example is abstract but the video and song are spectacular and memorable.

fuckin’ with the wrong nigga, hope u know what u doin’
now blame me, all the same niggas is lame, it’s not a game

fuck with means disrespect, treat bad. nigga originally referred to african-american ethnicity. while it’s a common word to hear in hip-hop music, because of its oppressive history it’s a dangerously offensive and racist word to use in most  environments.  lame is the opposite of coolgimme, used in the title and repeated many times in the song, is a reduction of give me.

this lyric appears 3 times in kanye west‘s track famous–it’s sung twice by rihanna and at the end by nina simone.

i don’t blame u much for wanting to be free

fats domino‘s iconic breakup song aint that a shame blames the other person in the relationship in this refrain…

ain’t that a shame, my tears fell like rain
ain’t that a shame, you’re the one to blame

ain’t replaces isn’t.  ain’t that a shame means it is unfortunatesadfell is the irregular past tense of fall.

and in bitch dont kill my vibe kendrick lamar separates himself from other rappers in the industry at 2:57…

i’ll let the people know this is somethin’ u can blame on yourselves, u can remain stuck in a box. ima break out 

stuck means not able to move, trapped. ima is a reduction of i’m going to. break out means escape.

the title of this howard jones song says it’s nobody’s fault.

the jackson 5 song blame it on the boogie, better known in mexico as luis miguel‘s será que no me amas suggests a few  possible causes for the end of a relationship before settling (deciding) on the boogie (dancing) as the culprit (guilty party, offender).  the chorus says 

don’t blame it on the sunshine
don’t blame it on the moonlight
don’t blame it on the good times
blame it on the boogie

and at 3:10 u can hear michael sing.

blame it on yourself, ain’t nobody’s fault but yours and that boogie

at :55 in motley crues don’t go away mad the lyrics are

if we blame it on anything let’s blame it on the rain

milli vanilli has an entire song dedicated to this idea. the chorus urges anyone listening to deny (reject) responsibility…

blame it on the rain that was falling, falling
blame it on the stars that didn’t shine that night
whatever u do, don’t put the blame on u
blame it on the rain, yeah yeah

finally, jamie foxx and t-pain suggest several types of alcohol that can be blamed for hooking up (connecting romantically) in a club.

blame it on the goose, gotcha feeling loose
blame it on the ‘trón, catch me in a zone
blame it on the a-a-alcohol
blame it on the vodka, blame it on the henny
blame it on the blue tap, got u feeling dizzy
blame it on the a-a-alcohol

goose is gray goose vodka. ‘tron is patron tequila. henny is hennessy brandy. blue tap is a nickname for hpnotiq, an alcoholic beverage that contains cognac and vodka.

a bottle of patron tequila

blame it on patrón

gothcha is a reduction of has got u. loose and in a zone both describe the good feelings associated with drinking alcohol. dizzy is the sensation that your head is spinning.

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