baader-meinhof: wild illusions that improve your vocabulary

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are u familiar with the baader-meinhof phenomenon? the good news is that if baader-meinhof is a new name for u, chances are u will see it again real soon. allow me to explain, or rather let josh clark break it down  for u in this funny video from his stuff u should know youtube channel.

at :20 in the video, clark provides an explanation for baader-meinhof…

have u ever heard of the baader meinhof effect?  that’s named after a group of west german terrorists from the 1970s.

how did this  happen? at 0:34 clark continues…

see, back in the 1990s someone on the internet coined the term baader-meinhof effect to describe a recent experience he’d had where he heard of the baader meinhof gang for the first time in his life and then heard about them totally randomly for the second time in his life less than 24 hours later. other people call this the frequency illusion

back refers to a time in the past. he’d had is past perfect. it refers to the moment the phrase was coined and the previous experience of hearing about baader-meinhof twice in twenty four hours.  he’d is a contraction of he had (the auxiliary had). randomly means there was no connection between the two baader-meinhof instances. coin means create a name, word or phrase.

gif of gandalf with the text there's more to this hobbit than meets the eye--vocabulario en inglés--baader meinhof gif of optimus prime with the text there's more to them than meets the eye--vocabulario en inglés--baader meinhof

more than meets the eye is a great phrase that means more complicated than it looks but it’s unknown who coined it

the spanish escuchar de covers both hear about and heard of in english. usually, the former (first of two previously mentioned examples), hear about, is used to ask or talk about news, information, rumors or gossip. the latter (second of two previously mentioned examples), heard of, is used to ask or talk about name recognition.

meme of a lady from a twentieth century magazine the text says: text says no one wants to hear about your diet just eat your salad and be sad--vocabulario en inglés baader-meinhof  meme of sylverster stallone text says rambo? never heard of him--vocabulario en inglés--baader-meinhof

listen at 1:16 in the video for more detail about frequency illusion

frequency illusion is what’s called a cognitive bias which means that stuff isn’t really popping up all over the place after u hear about it for the first time,  it’s just your brain acting up.

stuff means things. pop up means occur or appear suddenly. all over the place means everywhere. act up means not work correctly or behave badly.

the anchorman's boner acting up in the movie of the same name--vocabulario en inglés baader-meinhof

this could be pop up or act up (and probably big deal too 🙊 for multiple reasons)

see, the brain is wired to find patterns in nature and it also operates along something called selective attention which means that we don’t pay attention to everything that’s all around us all the time and when we do pay attention to something— our attention selects something new and novel —our brain makes a big deal out of that thing that we just learned about.

wired means configured. patterns are repeated sequences. pay attention means watch, listen or concentrate on. it is NOT put attention, a common spanglish based on the spanish poner atención. poner is usually translated as put. novel means new or unusual. make a big deal out of means exaggerate. a big deal means important.  it is used awkwardly/comically in the movie the anchorman in this short cilp

we get a better understanding at 2:11 of how and why frequency illusion happens…

but just because we’re not paying attention to something doesn’t mean we’re not surrounded by it so when our selective attention does pick up on something novel it’ll start to notice it elsewhere which is why something seems to pop up out of the blue a bunch of times through frequency illusion but the frequency is an illusion which explains the name.

surround means all around, on all sidespick up on means notice. elsewhere means in other places. seem is give the iimpression, appearout of the blue means randomly, unexpectedly.  it’s commonly found in song lyrics…

listen at 1:00 in adele‘s biggest hit someone like u for

i hate to turn up out of the blue, uninvitedbut i couldn’t stay away, i couldn’t fight it

turn up means arrive, show up.

the second verse of this neil young hard rockin classic starts

out of the blue and into the black

and the final verse of when u wish upon a star, the song associated with the disney version of pinocchio says

like a bolt out of the blue fate steps in and sees u through
when u wish upon a star your dreams come true

a bolt is lightning. fate is a supernatural force that determines the direction a life takes. step in means intervene. see through means guide.

clark finishes the baader-meinhof video with this idea…

so the next time somebody says to u, “hey what’s the baader-meinhof effect aka the cognitive bias known as frequency illusion?”– u set them straight and u tell them josh sent u

aka is an abbreviation for also known as. set straight means clarify, correct, get right. tell them josh sent u is a silly (comical, wacky) final line. josh is declaring himself as an authority on the subject.


kitties and macho american mercenaries both use set straight

the tiktok at the top of the post contains examples of look up, rejoice, let’s say, and take for granted.

all over the place, cognitive bias and act up appear in the tiktok and in the post above.

the idea in the tiktok is that the illusion of seeing a new vocabulary word or phrase all over the place is actually a good thing. u need to see new words and phrases in several different contexts in order for them to become part of your active vocabulary.

meme of will ferrell as ron burgundy with the text i'm kind of a big deal--vocabulario en inglés

have you ever experienced the baader-meinhof phenomenon aka frequency illusion? share your observations under leave a reply


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