stranger things season 3: robin & steve

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robin and steve at scoops ahoy in stranger things

will they end up together? if u don’t want to know yet, stop reading NOW

the most memorable romance presented during the third season of stranger things was definitely between dusty bun and suzie poo. but the romantic tension between steve and robin, the scoops ahoy coworkers was a big part of the story too. on by jasmine gomez says…

it seemed like [robin & steve] would end up together, but then boom [!!] stranger things introduced another twist and it turned out robin was actually gay.

means appear. end up means eventually happen. boom emphasizes the sudden surprise of robin’s announcement. a twist is a surprise.  turn out refers to a conclusion. actually means in fact; NOT now. different from actualmente in spanish, actually has no relation to time.

maya hawke

maya hawke, the actress who plays robin, explains that the idea of maya being gay evolved.

throughout filming we started to feel like she and [steve] shouldn’t get together and that she’s gay.

means from beginning to end. get together means connect romantically, like in the second verse of this one direction song (1:20)

and if we get together, make sure the pictures don’t leave your phone

get together can also mean unite. in both of the following songs get together can be understood as connect romantically OR unite. the chorus of bob marley‘s one love says

one love, one heart. let’s get together and feel alright

and the chorus of love shack by the b-52’s says

the love shack is a little old place where we can get together

nate nickolai on describes a crucial moment in the relationship between steve and robin.

once steve works up the courage to profess his love, he is shocked by robin’s lack of reciprocation, leading to an emotional coming out scene in which robin tells steve about her crush on another girl.

once means when. work up means develop, find. courage is not being afraid. profess means declare. lack means robin doesn’t have the same feelings as steve. lead to means cause. come out is used when people share with the world that they are gay. a crush refers to romantic feelings.

steve and dustin at scoops ahoy. dustin with the scoop in his mouth.

hawke is happy fans like robin…

when you bring a new character onto a tv show that is already so beloved, it’s very rare that it’s received that well… and i’m so grateful that people fell in love with robin the way that i did.”

rare is uncommon; NOT weird, like raro frequently means in spanish. grateful is thankful. fall in love is developing feelings of love. fell is the irregular past tense of fall.

suzie poo & dusty bun

suzie poo and dusty bun fell in love at science camp

are u a fan of stranger things? did u want steve and robin to get together? or did u expect it to turn out like it did? share your thoughts under leave a reply


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