nacho anaya made the first nachos

in an article on cnet, steven musil says this about google doodles

for almost as long as google has been around, it’s livened up its barebones search page with artwork that draws attention to notable people, events, holidays and anniversaries. but google also likes to put food in the doodle spotlight.

ignacio “nacho” anaya: the inventor of nachos

as long as means for the whole time. liven up means make more interesting, give more energy. barebones means basic, minimal. draw in this context means attract. notable is important. in the spotlight means getting attention. u can hear it twice in the r.e.m. classic losing my religion. listen at 1:03 and again at 3:20 for…

that’s me in the corner, that’s me in the spotlight losing my religion

fun english practice  richyrocks english on youtube

yesterday’s google doodle put nachos and their creator in the spotlight. the headline of the article reads

Google Doodle serves up tasty tribute to Ignacio Anaya Garcia, inventor of nachos

serve up is a phrasal verb that is the same as serve, but also means provide. in the headline it means both. tasty is delicious.

sponge bob meme: what could be better than serving up smiles?

sponge bob serves up smiles (and burgers) at the krusty krab.

musil tells the story of how nachos began…

a group of wives of u.s. military personnel stationed at an army base in texas popped into the club victoria, a restaurant in the mexican border town of piedras negras. the women wanted a snack, but garcia, who was the restaurant’s maitre d‘, couldn’t find a chef, so he took chips, cheese and chopped chilis in hand and revolutionized bar cuisine forever.

the f sound at the end of wife becomes -ves (wives) when it is pluralized. knives (knife), lives (life) and wolves (wolf) are other examples of this tendency. personnel are the people who work for a company or organization, the military in this case. note that it is NOT pronounced the same as the adjective personal, which means private. in spanish, personal means employees AND private.


nachos nowadays

pop into means go to a place for a short time. women is the plural of woman; listen to the correct pronunciation here. a snack is a small quantity of food eaten between meals. maitre d is the head waiter in a restaurant. in the word chef, the ch is pronounced like sh, similar to the words machine, champagne and chicago. chopped means cut into pieces.

chopped chili
chopped chiles

in my experience, people in both the u.s. and mexico love nachos, but mexicans consider them to be gringo food, and likewise (similarly) americans think they are mexican food. so it makes sense (is logical) that their origin story took place (happened) at the border between the two countries. after anaya served them the first time…

nacho’s especiales — named after the nickname for ignacio — were added to the restaurant’s menu and soon grew in popularity at other nearby restaurants

nachos grew in popularity, they did NOT grow up in popularity. grow up is used to describe the process of going from a child to an adult or maturing. grew is the irregular past tense of grow. nearby means physically nearnamed after means the snack took his name. nickname means nacho is short for Ignacio.


ignacio “nacho” anaya garcía

in 1978, there was an important moment in nacho history during the broadcast of a monday night football game

during a dallas cowboys game, sportscaster howard cosell mentioned that he had snacked on some “nachos,” increasing the dish’s popularity, especially at sporting venues.

sportscasters are professionals who talk about sports in the media. had snacked is past perfect. it refers to two different moments in the past: when cosell mentioned the nachos and when he snacked on them. venues are locations for events.

howard cosell and muhammad ali

sportscaster howard cosell with muhammad ali

while nacho’s were written as a possessive in the beginning….

the apostrophe in nacho’s was lost as its popularity spread around the world.

spread means extend.

visual representation of

on a gut level, a gut feeling & listen to your gut are all expressions where the gut (stomach) represents instinctual feeling. (

and the artist of the drawing (doodle, illustration), alfonso de anda, of mexico city talks about his motivation at the end of the article…

this topic was meaningful to me at a gut level, quite literally. i hope people get an instant craving for a snack after they see the doodle.

meaningful means it was significant to him. gut level means instinctually not intellectually. because gut means stomach there is a double meaning here–nachos go into your gutliterally means precisely. quite is for emphasis. craving is a strong desire.

lou williams eating nachos

lou williams of the los angeles clippers enjoying nachos after a historic victory over the golden state warriors in the nba playoffs last season

did u already know that nachos were named after a maitre d named nacho? do u know any other foods named after people? share your examples under leave a reply




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