russell westbrook keeps his cool, gets out his dad hat

there was an awkward incident at an nba game last week when russell westbrook and the oklahoma city thunder were playing the nuggets in denver.

nuggets fan touches russ

a kid tapped russell westbrook…

a liz roscher article on reports

russell westbrook had to get out his dad hat in the middle of a game and lecture a kid and his father about appropriate and respectful fan behavior.

get out his dad hat means westbrook had to act like a dad, teach a lesson. lecture means give an educational speech. it is NOT related to reading, the meaning of the word lectura in spanish. the final syllable of appropriate is a schwa (shwuh) sound. behavior is conduct.

russ gets out dad hat

and westbrook got his dad hat out

during the third quarter, after a foul call against the thunder, he came close to the fans in the front row and…

[a] kid (presumably a nuggets fan) tapped or lightly pushed westbrook just after the ref blew the whistle. westbrook turned around and stared the kid down for a few seconds before going over to talk to him and his dad.

tap is a light hit. blew is the irregular past tense of blow. when the ref blows the whistle, the game pauses. turn around means face the other direction. stare down means look at intensely. going is in the ing form because it comes after before, which is a preposition.

a basketball referee blowing his whistle

a basketball referee blowing his whistle: stop touching the players, dammit

roscher continues that

westbrook kept his cool and didn’t get angry

get angry describes the process of going from not angry to angry. keep your cool means not getting angry.

it’s not always easy to keep your cool. tfw means that feeling when…

later russ shared what he told the dad of the kid who touched him and commented on the situation in general

just letting him know, you’ve just got to control your kids…for all fans though, there’s too much leeway for the fans to be able to touch the players and get away with it, and then u can’t react and do the things that we need to do to protect ourselves….but there has to be some type of rule or some type of boundaries set that u can’t allow that.

let know means inform. you’ve got to is the have got structure. it’s the equivalent of u have to. though, similar to but, contrasts russ’s ideas about kids’ behavior and the behavior of all fans. leeway is freedom. too much means the leeway is excessive.  get away with means there are no consequences. boundaries are limits, specifically a division between the players and the fans.


a boundary: players on one side, fans on the other

roscher agrees with westbrook….

basketball lends itself to this kind of player-fan interaction more than any other pro sport simply due to the design of the court and the stands….with the ability to get close to the players (close enough to actually touch them), what westbrook is asking for isn’t nuts.

lends itself means the circumstances are right for that. due to is because of. stands are where fans sit at a sporting event. actually means really. it is NOT the same as actualmente in spanish. nuts means crazy.

i agree westbrook isn’t nuts to talk about this issue. a fan in scotland demonstrated this week, more graphically, that football also lends itself to potential unwanted interaction between players and fans.

what is the most ridiculous action u have seen from a fan at a sporting event? share your story under leave a reply



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