kaci hickox defiantly rode her bike

the overwhelming media coverage of the corona virus outbreak this year has reminded me of an incident that happened a few years back when cases of ebola were discovered in the u.s. kaci hickox, a nurse who was working with ebola patients in sierra leone, made headlines for demonstrating the sensibility and determination to return to her normal life despite efforts by politicians and the media to stigmatize her.

this slightly edited re-post about what happened was originally posted october 31, 2014:

though there have only been four cases of ebola diagnosed in the united states, the illness has been a gigantic story for global media since it spread (grew, moved) from africa to america.

kaci hickox from her time in sierra leone--vocabulario en inglés "defiy"

kaci hickox on the job

yesterday, the majority of the coverage of the malady dealt with (talked about) kaci hickox, a nurse who returned to the u.s. last weekend after working with ebola patients in sierra leone. her reaction to a quarantine the states of new jersey and maine have tried to impose on her has been in headlines all week, and her actions yesterday morning were, among other things (her actions represent other things too), a spectacular english lesson on how one incident can be described many similar but different ways.

kaci hickox riding bike with her boyfriend--vocabulario en inglés defiant

a bike ride through the countryside on a beautiful october morning…..

the global media was fascinated by the fact that ms hickox went for a bike ride with her boyfriend despite (it didn’t matter to her) the state of maine insisting that she was under quarantine.

kaci hickox riding bike with her boyfriend--vocabulario en inglés "defiance"

…..accompanied by the cops

different websites described it with different forms of the word defy, which means resist, refuse or disobey. it is used as part of the expression death-defying, which means very dangerous and is the title of this song by the hoodoo gurus

the verb defy was perhaps the most commonly used way to explain what happened. the huffington post reported

Nurse Kaci Hickox Defies Ebola Quarantine In Maine, Goes For Bike Ride

the business insider used a headline with the noun defiance

Maine Nurse Goes On A Bike Ride With Her Boyfriend In Defiance Of Ebola Quarantine

kaci hickox--vocabulario en inglés--defiant

the defiant maine nurse

the washington post described hickox as defiant

Defiant Maine nurse Kaci Hickox emerges at center of debate on Ebola and civil rights

and news.com.au chose the adverb defiantly to describe hickox’s action

Ebola nurse Kaci Hickox defiantly goes for a bike ride with boyfriend Ted Wilbur

all of these headlines give the same idea, but it is important to select the part of speech that the situation requires. if u change a noun for a verb or a verb for an adjective, etc. other people will probably understand u, but they will also subconsciously register that u said something weird.

kaci hickox

kaci hickox

while i understand the necessity for politicians to make tough decisions to protect public health,having lived through a bureaucratically imposed lockdown that exaggerated the real threat (imminent danger) of an epidemic i respect kaci hickox’s call for reason and her calm in the face of panic.

what do u think about kaci hickox’s bike ride? how should governments balance the health of the public vs personal freedom? share your feelings under leave a reply


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